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Bob McCoskrie is the National Director of Family First NZ. He is a trained secondary teacher, has a post graduate degree in accounting, was a family community worker in South Auckland for 12 years, and has worked in the media part-time and full-time for 25 years. He is married, 3 children and a Labrador that is fitter than he is!

Free Public Wi-Fi Should Block Porn – Poll

A nationwide poll has found strong support for cafes, libraries, and other public places which offer free Wi-Fi to be required to block access to pornographic websites. In the independent poll of 1,000 New Zealanders by Curia Market Research, respondents…


Biology Over Gender Identity In Schools – Poll

Polling by Curia Market Research has found stronger support for children not to be taught that their gender can be changed and for toilets and changing rooms to be based on biological sex. In the poll of 1,000 New Zealanders…


I Visited Colorado To See Dope Legalisation. Don’t Go There.

Legalised dope is a licence for Big Marijuana to exploit young people Bob McCoskrie – National Director, Family First NZ Published in the Dominion Post 15 November 2018 In August I visited Colorado to see first-hand the effects of legalised…


We love them both

It is vital that politicians fully understand that any moves to lessen the rights of the unborn child will be met with fierce opposition! We must speak up loud and strong for the defenceless. For this reason (and thanks to…


Women Publish Open Letter to PM On Abortion

A group of women who have all experienced abortion have today published an open letter to the Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern. It is thought to be the first time in New Zealand history a group of post-abortive women have spoken…