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Family First Blocks Deregistration By Charities Board

charities commission target 2016 6x4

Media Release 26 Sep 2017 Family First NZ has lodged an appeal with the Wellington High Court regarding the Charities Board’s second attempt to deregister the charity. Family First has also successfully applied for an order that the Board be…


Rights of Christchurch Families Above Rights of Sex Industry

street prostitute

Media Release 26 Sep 2017 Family First NZ is accusing politicians of turning a blind eye to the harmful effects of prostitution to families, and is calling for the rights of families in Christchurch to take precedence over the prostitution…


VALUE YOUR VOTE 2017: Independent Complaints Authority for Oranga Tamariki (CYF)


Where do families turn when they believe CYF (renamed as Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Vulnerable Children) isn’t performing? It is difficult to understand why the government is so apprehensive about independent accountability for an organisation that can make decisions…


VALUE YOUR VOTE 2017: Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda

referendums being ignored

If important issues can pass the very high threshold of firstly obtaining almost 300,000 valid signatures from New Zealand citizens, and then win a majority vote after the public debate, Parliament should be bound by the result. Unfortunately, politicians have…


VALUE YOUR VOTE 2017: Sex Education In Schools

sex education youre teaching what

Parents have been horrified at groups coming in to schools and undermining the role and values of parents with sex education resources targeted at children as young as five which fail to take into account the emotional and physical development…


VALUE YOUR VOTE 2017: Expert Panel Inquiry into Harms of Porn

BOY_Pornography Inquiry_600 x 400

A petition calling on an expert panel to investigate the public health effects and societal harms of pornography and which received 22,334 written signatures in just two months has been deferred to the next Parliament by the Government Administration Select…


VALUE YOUR VOTE 2017: Gender Identity Ideology In Schools

gender boy girl

Our children are being indoctrinated with the message “Gender refers to how you identify, someone can identify as male, female, in between, both, or neither.” The PPTA has told secondary schools that “Gender identity refers to what a person thinks…


You Don’t Discourage Suicide by Assisting Suicide

EUTHANASIA suicide prevention assisted suicide cartoon

Media Release 11 Sep 2017 Family First NZ is warning that there is a ‘social contagion’ aspect to suicide – assisted or non-assisted – and that we need more discussion about suicide prevention, not euthanasia. The warning is being reiterated…


Jacinda’s Position on Abortion Law Still Unclear For Voters

ABORTION ultrasound image

Media Release 11 Sep 2017 Family First NZ is still calling on specifics of what Labour leader Jacinda Ardern is proposing for New Zealand’s abortion laws, and is concerned that she misunderstands the law as it stands. At the Newstalk…


VALUE YOUR VOTE 2017: Marriage

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The redefinition of marriage has been one of the most significant political issues of our time. A politician’s position on this issue exposes his or her worldview and gives a clear indication of how he or she understands the role…