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Bob McCoskrie is the National Director of Family First NZ. He is a trained secondary teacher, has a post graduate degree in accounting, was a family community worker in South Auckland for 12 years, and has worked in the media part-time and full-time for 25 years. He is married, 3 children and a Labrador that is fitter than he is!

Keep complaining

Record number of broadcasting standards complaints 3 News 17 Nov 2010 Official complaints about New Zealand broadcasters reached record levels in the year to June 2010 – and they could hit new highs next year. The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA)…


Jury trials ruled out for smacking

This is dangerous for parents. Parents should have a right to choose to be tried by their peers on smacking cases. Juries can apply common sense to the charges and to the law! Jury trials ruled out for smacking NZ…


NZ Herald Editorial Right on Pokies

The NZ Herald Editorial gets it right and agrees with Family First! It’s time the politicians acknowledged the harm of pokie machines and compulsive gambling and at least sent the private members bill to a select committee for further debate…


UPDATE: Amazon Withdraws Pedophile Guide

Media Release 11 November 2010 Family First NZ is welcoming’s action of removing a book entitled “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure – A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct.”  “Since making a call for kiwi families to boycott,…


Rebutting the ‘Political Myths’

We’ve been contacted by many people who have told us that when they have spoken to their local MP about the recent Referendum, respecting democracy and the voice of NZ’ers, and the effect of the anti-smacking law on families, the…