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Bob McCoskrie is the National Director of Family First NZ. He is a trained secondary teacher, has a post graduate degree in accounting, was a family community worker in South Auckland for 12 years, and has worked in the media part-time and full-time for 25 years. He is married, 3 children and a Labrador that is fitter than he is!

Kids do school better if mum home for 1st year

According to this study in the UK, youngsters are less likely to succeed at school if their mothers return to work within a year of their birth, according to a major study.  This is one of the first studies which…


The real harms of prostitution

Why would we legalise what women who have experienced it call ‘paid rape’ and voluntary slavery’? What is prostitution really like for the person in it? Recently The Economist ran a debate online about legalising prostitution. Putting the case against…


Parents Warned about ‘News at Sex’

Family First NZ is warning parents that the Broadcasting Standards Authority’s decisions released today have given the green light to full frontal nudity and other offensive sexual content in news coverage – as long as it’s deemed humourous. Family First…


Supreme Court Rescues Parents from Politicians

Family First NZ says that the quashing of the assault conviction against Christchurch parent James Mason, who was prosecuted by police for pulling the ear of his 4 year old when trying to prevent him from injuring himself as his…


Animal brothels legal in Denmark

Ice News 20 May 2008 Laws in both Denmark and Norway are fairly open when it comes to a person’s  legal right to engage in sexual activity with an animal. The law states that  doing so is perfectly legal, so…