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Already 10,000 Signatures Calling For Inquiry On Porn

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Media Release 23 March 2017 The petition calling on politicians to investigate the public health effects and societal harms of pornography has reached almost 10,000 signatures, with still another week for petitions to be signed. The petition states: “That an…


Euthanasia ‘Elephant In The Room’ – Healthcare Costs

elephant in the room

Media Release 21 March 2017 Family First NZ says that the example of a cancer patient being turned away because of her potential healthcare costs is a disturbing development which will only be exacerbated by allowing euthanasia in to our…


Help Us Keep The Easter Culture #givefamiliesabreak

easter 2017 keep the easter culture

                                                            click on image to download PDF We’ve just launched our KEEP THE EASTER CULTURE campaign. There are many towns and many businesses throughout New Zealand who will still be closing for Easter Sunday (16 April) and giving families a…


Women Having Abortions Risk Mental Health – Poll

abortion mental harm poll 2017

Media Release 15 March 2017 A poll has found that half of NZ’ers in the 18-40 age bracket believe that women risk harming their mental health as a result of having an abortion. The independent poll commissioned by Family First…


Students Can Recognise Porn Harm, But Govt Won’t

computer safety for children

Media Release 9 March 2017 Family First NZ says that admissions made by students at an Auckland school regarding the prevalence and harms of the increasing consumption of online pornography highlight the urgent need for an expert inquiry to determine…


Bob McCoskrie on Radio Live re Easter Trading Laws


Family First NZ says that amendments to Easter trading laws thrust upon local councils has resulted in rushed decisions, often against the majority views of submissions, and inconsistencies across the country.


Gender Agenda Will Confuse Our Children

gender toilet whichever

Bob McCoskrie – National Director, Family First NZ Published in NZ Herald 11 April 2014 There has been no shortage of media reports lately regarding gender change – even of children. Last year the parents of a seven year old…


National Govt Wanting To Ignore Research on Porn Harm

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Media Release 5 March 2017 Family First NZ says that the National-led Government is unwilling to confront the growing evidence about the public health and societal harms of pornography, despite growing concerns from social scientists, psychologists, counsellors, and parents. National…


Toilets are based on biology, not ‘identity’ – Rachel McKenzie

gender toilet maori

NZ Herald 1 Mar 2017 – RACHEL MCKENZIE: Shhh, I’m not sure you’ve heard, and definitely don’t tell anyone, but there are biological differences between males and females. It seems crazy but this week we’ve been talking toilets (Lizzie Marvelly:…


Family First on Radio Live re P decriminalisation.

Methamphetamine 2

Your Sunday (with Ryan Bridge) Radio Live Sundays 10am – 2pm This week Ryan debates Bob McCoskrie from Family First on the war drugs and if legalisation is a serious alternative. Should New Zealand follow Portugal and decriminalise drugs?…