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Grandmother guilty of child abuse murder

child abuse - grandmother Kathleen Cooper

Grandmother Kathleen Cooper found guilty of murdering grandson Stuff 15 August 2017 Family First Comment: How can a grandmother commit this sort of crime?! “Auckland grandmother Kathleen Cooper killed her grandson by throwing him down a hallway.” #drugabuse #familybreakdown…


Gender issues left out of New Zealand’s next census

Gender - form male female

Stuff 11 August 2017 Family First Comment: Good decision. Imagine the form. “What gender do you ‘identify’ with?” And then there would be possibly more that 60 options – and even then somebody would say they’ve been left out!…


Why marriage should be between a man and a woman

australian flag

Sydney Morning Herald 10 August 2017 Family First Comment: Australia are going to be voting on the redefining of marriage – so some interesting commentary is coming out. Especially this one… (PS: Senator Wong (referred to) is a key supporter…


Marijuana ‘may be worse than cigarettes for cardiovascular health’

marijuana smoking joint

Medical News Today 9 August 2017 Family First Comment: So much for it being a “harmless substance that just makes you feel good and doesn’t harm anyone….” People who use marijuana may be three times more likely to die…


Voluntary euthanasia bill won’t be debated before election

thumbs up

TVNZ One News 10 August 2017 Family First Comment: Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. We will survive 😊 David Seymour’s voluntary euthanasia bill won’t be debated before parliament is dissolved on August 22. Yesterday was the last member’s…


Simon O’Connor: Why we didn’t back euthanasia bill


NZ Herald 10 August 2017 Family First Comment: Superb commentary. Thank you Simon. Throughout this term of Parliament it has been my privilege to serve as chair of the health committee. Over the last two years, it has been my…


The Warehouse is confused by gender identity – but still has a boys and girls clothing section

warehouse logo

Warehouse Group introduces additional leave to support transgender employees TVNZ One News 9 August 2017 Family First Comment: Wow! The Warehouse now promoting gender confusion. “….10 extra days paid leave and support for employees at The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationary, Noel…


Porn Harm Inquiry Deferred to Next Parliament

Pornography Inquiry BOY

Media Release 10 August 2017 A petition calling on an expert panel to investigate the public health effects and societal harms of pornography and which received 22,334 written signatures in just two months has been deferred to the next Parliament…