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Has Discipline Become a Dirty Word?

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National Catholic Register 14 October 2017 Family First Comment: Some great nuggets of advice in this article… “Dr. Den Trumbull has been a practicing pediatrician for 30 years. He’s a founding member and former president of the American College of…


Doctors Describe Dangers of Puberty Blockers used on Children that LGBT Activists Don’t Tell

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The Christian Post 12 October 2017 Family First Comment: “Many children and families struggling with gender dysphoria are not receiving the facts about the permanent consequences associated with “experimental” puberty-blocking and sex-reassignment treatments, nor are they being told that justification…


NZ sex industry under attack

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New Zealand’s sex industry model ‘as useful as a burst condom’ Stuff 15 October 2017 Family First Comment: Highlighting the failures of flawed lawmaking by politicians…. “Among the failures of the New Zealand system in removing abuse, exploitation and…


At Least Australians Get A Say on Marriage


Media Release 16 October 2017 Family First NZ, an advocacy group in New Zealand which led the opposition to redefining marriage, says that the kiwi politicians are wrong when they try to argue that there have been no concerns since…


Opinion: Marijuana is not an all-purpose medical cure

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CBC News 14 October 2017 Family First Comment: A fascinating article from a Canadian pediatrician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children with developmental disabilities. (So he should know!) Some quotes of interest: • “I find the possibility of…


Laurie Penny: ‘I’ve been polyamorous for nearly a decade. Here’s how I make it work’

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NZ Herald 15 October 2017 Family First Comment: Oh look! Yet another column by the mainstream media promoting and normalising polyamory. But hey! Redefining marriage won’t lead to further distortions of the definition. That’s just “scaremongering” …. apparently. Polyamory-…


Residents consider legal move over sex workers

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Radio NZ News 14 October 2017 Family First Comment: Here’s the hypocrisy of Chch Council and the Police… “The council has the Christchurch City Council Public Places Bylaw 2008, used to regulate street-based car window washing, and gave police the…


AUSA Protects Young Nats, But Not ProLife Group

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Media Release 12 October 2017 Family First NZ says that in the latest bizarre twist in the debacle covering the Auckland University Students Association’s (AUSA) attempt to disaffiliate the student club Prolife Auckland, a similar attempt to disaffiliate the Young…


Report: Colorado marijuana use No.1 in nation among teens, adults

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The Denver Channel 11 October 2017 Family First Comment: Still want to liberalise drug laws? Of course not! “Colorado youth now ranks No. 1 in the nation for marijuana use and 55 percent higher than the national average. Adult use…