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Alcohol and Drug Court pilot extended

stoned man 13 June 2017 Family First Comment: More proof that low level dope smoking doesn’t result in prison sentences – contrary to claims by the supporters of decriminalising marijuana! “Preliminary analysis suggests the AODT Court reduces the likelihood of reoffending…


Insurance companies abusing assisted suicide laws (US)

euthanasia health care costs

Washington Times 7 June 2017 Family First Comment: A disturbing read from Tammy Bruce (who I have interviewed previously) “With the passage of assisted-suicide laws, there are new reports that health insurance companies are refusing to cover lifesaving medical care…


Pokie machines contributing to family violence

pokie machine

NewsTalk ZB 13 June 2017 Family First Comment: This was one of the concerns we raised when we opposed the SkyCity deal And when we called for stronger provisions in the Gambling Harm bill Both of these issues…


Elderly most often abused by family

elder abuse posters

NewsTalk ZB 13 June 2017 Family First Comment: And euthanasia would only exacerbate this problem! It is family members inflicting abuse on vulnerable elderly Kiwis in more than three quarters of cases, a support group says. With World Elder Abuse…


Belgian euthanasia promoter misleads New Zealand audience about euthanasia practice in Belgium.


Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 29 May 2017 Family First Comment: Disturbing. “Bernheim is a long-time euthanasia promoter who will willingly hide the facts at the altar of death.” In November 2013, I debated Dr. Jan Bernheim in Brussels, Belgium concerning…


New Study: How Fear Drives People to Choose Death

EUTHANASIA elderly lady

CBN News 10 June 2017 Family First Comment: Polls that support euthanasia are based on ‘intolerable pain’ but as this research – one of many – shows, that’s not the motivating factor for wanting assisted suicide… “Those who received (assisted…


Council Told To Give Aucklanders Easter Sunday Off

easter 2017 keep the easter culture

Media Release 11 June 2017 Family First NZ is telling Auckland Council to give Aucklanders the day off on Easter Sunday, that it will benefit families, and that tourists will cope. “We reject any liberalisation of Easter trading laws and…


Euthanasia: How will your MP vote (according to NZ Herald)


NZ Herald 9 June 2017 Family First Comment: Tell your MP to OPPOSE assisted suicide. Go to to find the email details. Remind them that THEIR vote will determine YOUR vote! How will they vote? National (58) YES (9)…