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Marijuana devastated Colorado, don’t legalize it nationally

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USA Today 7 August 2017 Family First Comment: Great article – one that should be read by ALL kiwis! “Our country is facing a drug epidemic. Legalizing recreational marijuana will do nothing that Senator Booker expects. We heard many of…


Changes to regulations will improve access to cannabidiol

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Scoop 7 August 2017 Family First Comment: A positive step (in contrast to the free-for-all proposed by the Greens and the Drug Foundation) “…an important step in New Zealand’s continued implementation of a compassionate, innovative and proportionate drug policy… In…


Kids young as 6 post nude pics

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Sexually explicit material of Kiwi youngsters going online weekly, police warn NZ Herald 8 August 2017 Family First Comment: Disturbing. And all the more reason for an expert inquiry into harms of porn Police are receiving two to three…


Dr Stephen Child: Lets not rush to legalise ‘medical’ cannabis

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NZ Herald 8 August 2017 Family First Comment: A superb commentary by someone who knows and without an agenda! (unlike the Drug Foundation) “There are problems with the current discussion of law reform and the legalisation of cannabis in New…


More beds, more funding needed to curb eating disorders

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NZ Herald 6 August 2017 The number of Kiwis getting medical intervention for eating disorders has increased by more than 40 per cent in the last five years. But sufferers’ families say there are still not enough hospital beds to…


Call for supermarket booze ban

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Supermarkets slammed as ‘mega-drug dealers’ as doctors back calls for an end to booze sales Stuff 4 August 2017 Family First Comment: The Medical Association wants an end to heavy discounting, and a rise in alcohol taxes. #reducingalcoholharm The…


HPV Vaccine


Oral sex linked to increase in throat cancers 7 August 2017 Family First Comment: When sexual promiscuity is promoted and normalised, society then has to try and put safety nets in place – which don’t always work that well.…


80% Opposition to Euthanasia An International Trend

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Media Release 3 August 2017 Family First NZ says that the overwhelming 80% opposition to assisted suicide communicated to the Inquiry by the Health Select Committee is part of the reason why most overseas jurisdictions have also rightly rejected euthanasia…


Assisted suicide legalization fails in the US in 2017

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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 31 July 2017 Family First Comment: Contrary to the rhetoric that you may hear through the media! “This increase in the number of attempts to legalize assisted suicide is notable due to the fact that such bills…