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What Two Former Trans Men Want You To Know About All The Lies

Gender symbol

The Federalist 11 October 2017 Family First Comment: Fascinating commentary from two people who know that gender ideology harms… “In an era where transgender rights are at the forefront of social politics, media does its part to selectively inform people…


Woman gives up on men, marries dog

marriage - woman marries dog

NewsHub 11 October 2017 Family First Comment: Why not? Love is love, eh. A woman from Northern Ireland has married who she calls her “king” – but he’s not the husband most women would have in mind. Wilhelmina Callaghan, 43,…


Protection & Safety Of Families Sacrificed For Sex Industry

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Media Release 11 October 2017 Family First NZ is calling for the rights of families in Christchurch to take precedence over the prostitution industry, and is accusing politicians – both local and central government – of turning a blind eye…


Christian charity facing banishment by government regulators

parliament 2 6 October 2017 Family First Comment: World famous in NZ – as international media start to cover our experience! A Christian charity in New Zealand right now is fighting a battle more and more Christians may come to encounter…


The ins and outs of marrying yourself

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NewsHub 6 October 2017 Family First Comment: It’s incredible that we’re even having this discussion!!! Apparently the ‘kicker’ is that you can’t marry a ‘relative’. Say what?? But apparently marrying yourself is not technically covered in the Marriage Act. Sigh!…


MYTH: Gender labels are ‘harmful’

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Gay teachers put forward case for gender-neutral toilets, uniforms NZ Herald 5 October 2017 Family First Comment: No – gender labels are biological reality and toilets reflect that and the privacy and vulnerability of young students. What the teacher…


Auckland University Students’ Association anti-abortion referendum ‘unconstitutional’

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Stuff 5 October 2017 Family First Comment: Not only unconstitutional but also desperate, flawed, and dangerous! Universities should promote free speech, not muzzle it. Poor wording has forced a university students’ union to pull a U-turn on its stance towards…


Students Union Correct To Quash Attempts To Muzzle Free Speech

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Media Release 5 October 2017 Family First NZ is welcoming a decision by the Auckland University Students Association (AUSA) to reject attempts to disaffiliate the student club Prolife Auckland from the AUSA. “The original vote was a disturbing attempt by…


Lizzie Marvelly wants to talk about sex to teenagers online

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Stuff 2 October 2017 Family First Comment: Lock up your children!!! Lizzie is the LAST person you want teaching your children values. See some of her ideology… Lizzie Marvelly: It’s her body, it should be her choice #deadwrong…