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Ignoring the ‘elephant in the room’

From the NZ Herald Children in poorer neighbourhoods are being admitted to hospital as victims of assault, neglect or maltreatment at a rate more than five times that of children in wealthier neighbourhoods, a report has found. The Children’s Social…


Alcohol Non-Reform

Reported in the Dominion Post A bill banning dairies from selling liquor and forcing supermarkets to hide it away is “devoid of any substantial measures” and was more like a “non-reform bill”, critics say. The select committee that considered the…


Anti-Smacking Law Doco Attracts Huge Audience

Media Release 25 August 2011 Family First NZ says that approximately 100,000 NZ’ers have viewed the documentary “My Mummy’s A Criminal” on the anti-smacking law which profiles good families who have been victims of the law.  “We’ve had approximately 35,000…