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Stating the bleeding obvious….

From the NZ Herald today Kids taught self-control do well as adults Teaching self-control to children as young as 3 can set them up for healthy, wealthy and crime-free lives, researchers have found. Physical health, alcohol and drug addictions, personal…


Welfare Reforms Will Help Tackle Child Abuse

Media Release 1 June 2011 Family First NZ says that a number of the proposals contained in the Welfare Working Group Reducing Long-Term Benefit Dependency report will make significant improvements in targeting at-risk families and reducing the potential for child…


Marriage Reduces Childhood Poverty by 2/3’rds

Family Research Council’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) released a synthesis paper today (27 May) showing that economic well-being in the United States is strongly related to marriage. The paper, entitled Marriage and Economic Well-Being, shows that married couples are…