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Mum – I regret giving surrogate baby up

A warning for NZ lawmakers as they approach this subject in the near future AS Queensland’s first child born under the state’s surrogacy laws, Connor Harris’s arrival was a moment of unbridled happiness for proud parents Bentley and Matt Harris.…


Maybe the ‘soft’ approach isn’t working!

From the Dominion Post Increasing female violence has contributed to a jump in the number of assaults at schools and educational institutes, says a principals’ representative who is advocating prison terms for repeat student offenders. The number of recorded offences…


‘Slut Walk’ missing the point

Newstalk ZB 9/05/2011 A controversial protest planned for Wellington next month is said to be missing the point. A ‘Slut Walk’ protest is being organised for the capital following a 2,000-strong march in Boston last week. The protest movement was…