Month: February 2011

Parents delay vaccinations – good decision!

Parents delay vaccinations Christchurch Press 22/02/2011 Canterbury parents are opting to get their daughters immunised against cervical cancer when they are older. A GP spokesman said that decision was the reason for Canterbury having the lowest Gardasil vaccination rate in…


Drunk teenagers simply copying drunk adults

Professor Doug Sellman hits the nail on the head. If we want teenagers to behave, adults need to behave first! Boozing teens just ‘mimicking their elders’ 17/02/2011 Teenagers drinking large amounts are the victims of New Zealand’s heavy drinking…


Parents should be making tea, not ‘P’

With thanks to the Southland Times for their neat title! Forgotten victims of drugs underworld Record number of children found in drug dens Children are the forgotten victims of New Zealand’s drug misery, with record numbers being found in illicit…