Month: July 2012

Website to Protect Marriage Launched

Media Release 30 July 2012 A website to protect the current definition of marriage as ‘one man one woman’ has been launched today. The website is and has been launched in response to the private members bill of Labour…


Yet more evidence of a flawed law on prostitution

Call for ‘buffer’ between brothels and homes Christchurch Press 27 July 2012 Christchurch residents have called for a “buffer zone” to be established between large-scale brothels and residential areas. A Christchurch City Council hearings panel is listening to 20 submissions…


Interesting comments on same-sex marriage

Gay right to wed ‘not special, just equal’ Christchurch Press 27 July 2012 …However, a stalwart of the gay community said the “average gay guy couldn’t give a toss” about legalising same sex marriages. Bruce Williamson, who has run gay…