Month: March 2013

‘Crisis’ for Cameron as gay marriage row aids Tory defeat

The Christian Institute 1 Mar 2013 The controversial push to redefine marriage is one of the reasons the Conservatives came third in yesterday’s important by-election, critics say. Same-sex marriage is ‘drastically unpopular’ with activists and supporters, “who have been less…


The persecution begins…


NZ Herald 4 March 2013 The coroner who declined a full inquest into the suicide of a gay soldier is a Mormon church elder who attacked same-sex marriage in a submission to Parliament, saying it was an unnecessary “social experiment”.…


Poll finds 87% support for culling pokies in poor areas

NZ Herald 4 March 2013 Nine out of every 10 people in Auckland want cuts to the number of poker machines in the poorest and most vulnerable parts of the city. A Curia poll found support from 87 per cent…


Well done Ian Grant

One of Family First’s greatest supporters and on our Board of Reference is Ian Grant This week, he won the Senior New Zealander of the Year Well done Ian. Ian now heads up Fathers Who dare Win – an awesome…


Douglas Pratt: Better to celebrate our differences

NZ Herald 1 March 2013 …Marriage is a term that applies to a particular form of heterosexual relationship. Obviously, homosexual identity and relationship is not the same as heterosexual. To juxtapose the two terms is to commit non-sense. It is…


What the Select Committee hid from the public, politicians and media

“A small majority of unique submissions (55 percent) were OPPOSED to the Bill.” But that fact wasn’t included in the Select Committee report Why not?