Month: December 2014

Nicki Minaj ‘haunted’ by abortion

Nicki Minaj

Stuff 31 December 2014 Nicki Minaj thought she was “going to die” after having an abortion. The Anaconda singer opened up about the traumatic time in her life to the latest issue of Rolling Stone. While she made the…


Rates cash eyed for SkyCity

sky city convention centre

NZ Herald 23 December 2014 Auckland Council and Mayor Len Brown were yesterday blindsided by suggestions from the Government and SkyCity that ratepayer money be used to fund the shortfall in costs for a controversial convention centre. SkyCity chief executive…


iPad linked to bad sleep – scientists


NZ Herald 23 December 2014 Reading an iPad or a Kindle before bed instead of a printed book can cause sleep deprivation and increase the risk of cancer, scientists say. They claim it disrupts normal sleep patterns and can lead…


Suicide Rate for Women Having Abortions is Six Times Higher Than Women Giving Birth

EUTHANASIA depressed girl

LifeNews 19 December 2014 Voluntary guidelines for post-abortion mental health evaluations during the month following an abortion have failed to significantly decrease the rate of suicide after abortion in Finland, according to a new study. Finland adopted the guidelines after…


Let Students Choose if They Are Boy or Girl (US Dept of Education)

gender boy girl

The Christian Post 12 December 2014 In single-sex classes, which are common for sex education, students must be allowed to go to the class of the gender they consider themselves to be rather than their actual gender, the U.S. Department…


Woman donates eggs to her mother, stepfather

Baby Expressions

Stuff 19 December 2014 A childless woman is donating her eggs to her mother and stepfather so they can create a baby that will be raised as her sister. The watchdog body Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (Ecart)…


New text speak parents need to look out for – report warns

texting  teen

NZ Herald 17 December 2014 If you thought you had teenage internet speak cracked by getting to grips with acronyms such as ‘LOL’ (for ‘laugh out loud’) and ‘LMK’ (for ‘let me know’), think again. Do you know the meaning…


Younger men use violence


Stuff 18 December 2014 An increasing number of younger men are using violence against family members – “mostly mums” – a specialist family violence agency says. Of about 190 men listed on family violence police incident reports in North…


Increased Abuse of Parents A Predicted Outcome

aggressive child

Media Release 18 Dec 2014 Family First NZ says that the increasing level of parental abuse, especially towards mothers, is an unfortunate but expected outcome of the rise of children’s ‘rights’ and the undermining of parental authority. “This was a…


Ban On Alcohol Advertising Just One Step

alcohol sports

Media Release 17 Dec 2014 Family First NZ says that a proposed ban on alcohol advertising at sports events as recommended by a ministerial forum is an important move, but will not solve the binge drinking and alcohol abuse issue…