Month: December 2014

TV Standards Board Seen As Irrelevant, Ineffective

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Media Release 11 Dec 2014 Family First NZ says that the Broadcasting Standards Authority’s 2014 Report reveals that less and less families are bothering to make a complaint despite increasing concerns about broadcasting standards, and that very few complaints are…


Maori women lead assault statistics

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Stuff 10 December 2014 Maori women are more likely to become assault victims than other New Zealanders, police data shows. Recorded crime victim statistics, recently released by police, showed about one in five assault victims in the last four…


On RNZ’s The Panel re Charities Commission

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Listen to ‘The Panel with Jonathan Krebs and Ella Henry (Part 2)’ on Radio New Zealand. Topics – The Charities Service is going to de-register the Family First lobby group as a charity. It says the organisation’s political views aren’t…


Assisted suicide ‘a stepping stone’

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Stuff 1 December 2014 I know first-hand how painful it is to watch a loved one deteriorate and die. However, I feel frustrated by the emphasis the current assisted suicide debate puts on the terminally ill. Rhetoric about how…


Auckland Council bid to change law on street prostitution fails

NZ Herald 9 December 2014 Auckland Council has been told it already has power to ban street prostitution from spots such as Hunters Corner in South Auckland after a bid to get Parliament to change the law failed. A Parliamentary…


‘Haven’ for women leaving sex work

Stuff 8 December 2014 Hers was no normal childhood – by the time she was 15 Rosalie Batchelor was on the streets working as a prostitute. After years of sexual and physical abuse the teenager escaped to the streets…


Family First fights to remain tax-free charity

3News 8 December 2014 Family First NZ says it’s continuing to fight to remain a tax-free charity. The group was advised in 2013 the Charities Commission intended to deregister the charity, citing Family First’s traditional view of marriage being one…


There’s a doctor in the House now

Stuff 6 December 2014 The new Health Minister may be confessing to a few “puffs” of cannabis in his youth, but don’t expect him to go soft on drugs. Jonathan Coleman has moved quickly to make changes since becoming…


Charities Commission Still Targeting Family First

Media Release 8 Dec 2014 Family First NZ has received notification that the Charities Commission intends to continue its attempts to deregister the charity despite the recent Greenpeace decision, with Family First’s traditional view of marriage being one man and…


Proposed Auckland prostitution ban scrapped

Stuff 5 December 2014 A law that would have allowed Auckland local bodies to ban prostitution in specified places has been scrapped by a parliamentary select committee. Instead, councils have been urged to look at other ways to control…