Month: January 2015

Leelah Alcorn: Auckland march in support of trans teens

gender choice

3 News 10 January 2015 Hundreds of Kiwis are expected to march today in support of a trans teen who took her own life after being told she would “never truly be a girl”. Supporters will march down Queen St…


What too many hours of screen time can do to your eyes

Eye Strain

CBS News 7 January 2015 Most Americans could hardly imagine — or get through — their day without screen time. But even as devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones have improved our productivity and quality of life, they are…


Woman marries her two pet cats

confused kid

MailOnline 6 January 2015 When Barbarella Buchner split from her partner-of-seven-years, the 48-year-old thought that she would never find love again. But then love struck again, albeit from a very unusual direction. Now Ms Buchner is happily married once more…


Sexual misconduct increases in schools

internet use

Stuff 6 January 2015 School leaders are blaming social media and a lack of parental supervision for the increasing numbers of primary school children being stood down from school for sexual misconduct. Stand-downs for sexual misconduct in primary schools…


More evidence against keeping electronics in kids’ bedrooms

texting in bed

Inforum 5 January 2015 Parents concerned about their children not getting enough sleep may want to remove televisions and other small electronics from the kids’ bedrooms, according to a new study. Children who slept with televisions or other small-screened devices…


Jennifer Lopez: There’s no pain or failure like a divorce


OneNews 3 January 2015 Jennifer Lopez broke down while admitting she felt like she was “going to die” when her marriage to Marc Anthony broke up. The 45-year-old singer – who was married to the singer/songwriter for 10 years until…


Keep up with reading over summer, kids told

read to your kids 1

NZ Herald 3 January 2014 Parents are being urged to encourage their children to read over the summer in light of research showing kids who forgo books while on holiday lose reading ability at alarming rates. The loss in reading…


Father asks police to supervise daughter’s spanking


Today 2 January 2015 With the debate over corporal punishment heating up, some parents who want to spank their children are asking the police to supervise to make sure they won’t get into legal trouble. A 42-year-old man called the…