Month: February 2015

Facebook adds fill in the blank gender option

facebook 1

Stuff 27 February 2015 Facebook users who don’t fit any of the site’s 58 gender identity options can now choose how to define themselves freely. The social media giant has added a 59th option: fill in the blank. “Now,…


My Gender Is ‘Fill in the Blank’


Charisma News 27 February 2015 Now that Time magazine has told us that transgender is the new black, I’m going to say something politically incorrect: Your gender is not whatever you think it is. Put another way, there is no such…


Depression linked to crime in new study


3News 27 February 2015 A new study by scientists at Oxford University shows depression is responsible for 46,000 violent crimes in Britain a year, including murder, sexual assault and robbery. Experts undertook a huge study that discovered depressed people are…


States that restrict abortion have lower maternal mortality rates: Mexican study

ABORTION ultrasound image

LifeSiteNews 25 February 2015 An international team of medical researchers comparing maternal mortality rates and abortion laws in 32 Mexican states claims it has disproven the claim of abortion promoters that easy access to abortion will reduce maternal deaths. Comparing…


UK Parliament rejects ban on gendercide abortions

UK parliament

LifeSiteNews 24 February 2015 Britain’s House of Commons rejected a bill aiming to ban sex-selective abortion on Monday in a vote of 292-201. The lower chamber passed the bill at first reading on November 4, but yesterday lawmakers instead approved…


Sue Moroney ‘disappointed’ paid parental bill voted down

baby newborn

OneNews 26 February 2015 Labour MP Sue Moroney is disappointed her bill proposal for parental leave was defeated in Parliament last night. Parliament voted down Ms Moroney’s bill to extend paid leave to 26 weeks. Act leader David Seymour voted…


Superb letter in the Gisborne Herald today


Stacking the deck for political masters Gisborne Herald 25 February 2015  I’m a heterosexual married Kiwi male. I’m a Christian. I’m pro-life. I have children. On the political spectrum, I’m a classical Conservative. My business also sponsors events, and one…


YouTube Kids launches Child-friendly app

ipad children

Mirror 24 February 2015 Google has launched YouTube Kids, a free app for mobile phones and tablets that provides a safe environment for children to find videos. The app has been completely redesigned, with bigger images and icons to make…