Month: February 2015

Digital addiction a growing trend in New Zealand – survey

ipad watching

NZ Herald 19 February 2015 A new consumer behaviour survey backs other research that there is a growth of “digital dependency” in New Zealand, according to a leading academic. Online interaction is overtaking real-life socialisation and lack of access to…


50 Shades? The Neurological Consequences of Sadomasochism

50 Shades Anastasia

Public Discourse 17 February 2015 Another strange sign of our age appeared more recently, with the enormous popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, which has sold an astonishing 100 million copies, and set a record in the UK as the…


Feminists urge boycott of Fifty Shades of Grey

50 shades boycott 9 February 2015 A feminist group will protest the Fifty Shades of Grey movie premiere in Madison this week, joining an international chorus of voices criticizing the film’s BDSM storyline for perpetuating violence against women. Radical Alliance of Women, a Melbourne,…


Garth George: Sordid little film not worth fuss

50 shades of grey abuse 2

NZ Herald 18 February 2015 IT IS no surprise that men and women in their thousands are flocking to see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, which was released here on Thursday. Or that those who set themselves up as…


Psychosis five times more likely for cannabis users: UK study

marijuana growing

Sydney Morning Herald 17 February 2015 A British study released on Monday suggested that the risk of psychosis was five times higher for regular users of cannabis, adding to a growing body of evidence linking drug use and mental health…


Canterbury Museum ignores T-shirt outrage

canterbury museum shirt

Stuff 16 February 2015 A Canterbury Museum exhibition is sparking outrage ahead of its display of a banned t-shirt depicting a graphic image of a nun and explicit abuse of Jesus. The organiser of a street art festival is…


Questioning your gender at age 2!? Gender confusion.

gender confusion

NZ Herald 15 February 2015 The kids at school call Milla Brown “gay-girl” and “weirdo” – but in an astonishing video inspiring millions around the world the young Kiwi says he only wants people to accept him for who he…


Fifty Shades of Grey romance ‘fuels abuse’

50 shades of grey abuse

Stuff 13 February 2015 Christchurch women have been exploited after going in search of a Fifty Shades of Grey-style romance, a lawyer says. Anna Lloyd, an associate at Brandts-Giesen McCormick Barristers and Solicitors, said she had had vulnerable clients…


Obscene t-shirts featuring semi-naked nun spark call to police

canterbury museum shirt BANNED

NZ Herald 13 February 2015 The display of a t-shirt that features a semi-naked nun and makes an obscene reference to Jesus has sparked a threat to call police and pleas for a boycott. For an exhibition starting tomorrow, Canterbury…