Month: March 2015

Parents concerned over online risk

internet unsupervised

NZ Herald 31 March 2015 Parenting Place researcher says instilling ‘good character’ best defence against accessing unsavoury content. The hidden dangers of the online world are a growing concern among parents, as screens of all shapes and sizes become a…


Litigious Approach to School Discipline Worrying Trend


Media Release 30 March 2015 Family First is warning that a litigious approach to school disciplinary decisions will undermine the authority and special character of individual schools and has the potential to send some schools bankrupt. The comments come in…


Children Concerned About Sex, Violence in Media

tv objectionable

Media Release 30 Mar 2015 Family First NZ says that the Children’s Media Use Study by NZ on Air and the BSA is sounding alarm bells about the levels of violence and sexual content being viewed by children 9-14 years…


When My Father Told Me He Wanted to Be a Woman

depressed teenager

Public Discourse 27 March 2015 What was your biggest concern when you were nine years old? Was it trying to memorize your multiplication tables? Was it that the school cafeteria might serve your least favorite vegetable at lunch? Perhaps it…


“Motherless Generation”- Australian Marriage Forum 2015

gay marriage motherless YouTube

This is the second in a series of ads from the Australian Marriage Forum which gives the child-centred case against same-sex ‘marriage & parenting’. It reflects on the 1950s-1970s government policy of ‘forced adoption’, for which there was a heartfelt…


A shocking decision

Dynel Lane - murderer of baby

Death of baby cut from womb doesn’t lead to murder charge OneNews 28 March 2015 The Colorado woman accused of cutting the baby from an expectant mother’s belly will not face murder charges in the gruesome attack that revived the…


Children spend six hours or more a day on screens

texting teens

BBC News 27 March 2015 Children aged five to 16 spend an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen compared with around three hours in 1995, according to market research firm Childwise. Teenaged…


Gay marriage cake case

Marriage - church

The Independent 27 March 2015 The director of Christian-owned bakery which refused to make a cake bearing a pro-gay marriage slogan has said she knew in her heart she could not complete the order. Karen McArthur was giving evidence during…


The cost of coming out as transgender

gender boy girl

Stuff 28 March 2015 Two weeks ago, Jess Taylor’s future parents-in-law got a letter. The 22-year-old left it on the kitchen table of their Invercargill home before going to work. In the letter, Taylor requested to be referred to…