Month: March 2015

Confusion Reigns in the Ranks

gender confusion

NZ Herald 26 March 2015 U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has gotten pushback from senior military leaders on whether the Pentagon should lift its ban on transgender people serving in the armed forces, according to officials familiar with the discussions.…


Family–Supported Suicide and the Duty to Die

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

First Things 20 March 2015 In 1991, my friend Frances invited me to a “going away party.” She wasn’t moving or going on vacation. Frances wanted her closest friends to come to her home, to tell her how much she…


Books without swearwords? There’s an app for that

Books Clean Reader

The Guardian 16 March 2015 Do you like your books as they come, clean, or squeaky clean? Because there’s now an app that will let you state your preference, remove profanities from the text of your ebook, and replace them…


4D ultrasound shows what smoking does to an unborn baby

abortion ultrasound scan

NZ Herald 24 March 2015 A new study appears to shed more light on the harmful effects of smoking while pregnant using 4D ultrasound scans to detect the tiny movements made by foetus in the womb. By monitoring the growing…


World Down Syndrome Day 2015 – “My Opportunities, My Choices”

Down syndrome day 2

Welcome to the PREVIEW for “My Opportunities, My Choices”, interviews with people with Down syndrome from 39 countries looking at their enjoyment of full and equal rights and the role of their families. This global video event is presented for…


Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Down syndrome day

Last weekend was the 10th annual World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), and this year’s theme highlights the positive contributions that families make for their loved ones and others in the Down syndrome community. This beautiful and thought-provoking video is called…


St Bede’s parents High Court action ‘stinks of self-entitlement’


Stuff 23 March 2015 Schoolboys will be schoolboys, but parents can be their own worst enemies. Bravo to St Bede’s College Rector, Justin Boyle, for standing firm on the school’s code of conduct. Breaching airport  security, by illegally taking…