Month: August 2015

Top Oregon doctor: PAS law a ‘mistake’

EUTHANASIA elderly hand 24 August 2015 Senior Oregon doctor says that ‘assisted suicide has been detrimental to patients, degraded the quality of medical care, and compromised the integrity of the medical profession’. A senior physician working in the US state of Oregon,…


‘Sister Wives’ family cites gay marriage ruling in polygamy case

polygamy 2

Fox News 28 August 2015 A polygamous family says the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage shows that laws restricting consensual adult relationships are outdated, even if certain unions are unpopular. Kody Brown and his four wives argue…


Students toss veggies mandated by govt in school lunches – US

school cafeteria in US

Trashed: Study finds students toss veggies mandated by federal school lunch program Fox News 28 August 2015 Public schools are continuing to serve the federally mandated fruits and vegetables, but a new study claims the fresh produce is going into…


Girl Exploited by Amnesty Int’l Names Baby “Miracle”

Amnesty International 19 August 2015  The young mother named her baby “Milagros.” That is Spanish for Miracle. Amnesty International wanted the baby aborted. The brave girl in Paraguay was allegedly raped by her stepfather, and pregnant at 11 years old. Amnesty…


Parliament considering petition on abortion law changes

parental notification seven sharp select committee

‘She is still a child’ – Mum ‘vowing’ to change law around teenage abortion OneNewsNow 28 August 2015 A mother whose daughter’s school organised an abortion for the teenager without parental consent is petitioning parliament for a law change to…


Mum pushes for abortion law change

pregnant teenager

‘She had to go through it alone’ – mum wants abortion law change NZ Herald 27 August 2015 A woman has told politicians the harrowing background to her daughter’s suicide attempt, in a bid to have abortion law changed. Hillary…


Care Alliance Welcomes Health Select Committee’s Terms of Reference

euthanasia care alliance logo

Family First NZ is a member of the Care Alliance Media Release Care Alliance 27 August 2015 The Care Alliance has welcomed the Health Select Committee’s terms of reference for considering a petition from the Voluntary Euthanasia Society. Spokesperson Matthew…


Voluntary euthanasia inquiry details released


NZ Herald 27 August 2015 Details have been confirmed for an inquiry into voluntary euthanasia, to be carried out by Parliament’s Health Committee. Supporters hope the inquiry will be an important step towards a law change. In releasing the terms…