Month: August 2015

The Dark Side of Third-Party Reproduction


Public Discourse 3 August 2015 I’m sure you’ve seen them in the media: attractive, well-off, smiling parents holding adorable infants created by third-party reproduction and assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Of course, the narrative goes, this development is a win-win for…


New Peer-Reviewed Study Affirms the Reality of Porn Addiction

pornography watching 21 July 2015 Contrary to recent claims, pornography addiction is no illusion. A recent peer-reviewed study that appeared in the journal “Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity” affirms the reality of porn addiction, and supports the addiction model. The National Center…


Doctor: ADHD Does Not Exist


Time 14 March 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children — and…


Gender Identity: The in-betweeners

walt heyer

Sydney Morning Herald 1 August 2015 It was the tears that first signalled to Cecile Stuart* that she was no longer a man. Living for five years as Michael and receiving a dose of testosterone daily, crying for the then-28-year-old…


How the Media Are Promoting Polyamory

polyamory - 2 wives

Daily Signal 24 July 2015 ABC News is mainstreaming the practice of polyamory—that is, group marriage—with a story titled, “Two Moms, One Dad, Two Babies Make One Big Happy Polyamorous Family.” The video (which you should watch at your own…


Choose Life! Baby operated on while still in mother’s womb

abortion ultrasound scan

NZ Herald 1 August 2015 A baby’s life was saved by a pioneering operation carried out when she was still in her mother’s womb. Michelle Cannon had been advised to have an abortion after receiving the devastating news that her…


Study: 100 requests for euthanasia for psychiatric reasons in Belgium

euthanasia - lethal injection

Alex 24 July 2015 The British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a “study” on July 28, 2015 examining 100 requests for euthanasia for psychiatric reasons in Belgium. Four of the six authors of the study are connected to the euthanasia clinic in Belgium.…