Month: September 2015

Censor Criticised Over Approach to Explicit Book

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Media Release 30 Sep 2015 Family First NZ has made an additional submission regarding the re-classification of Into the River by Ted Dawe, and says that parents should be concerned by the arguments being put forward by the Chief Censor…


Family Group Applies for R14 on Explicit Book

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Media Release 27 September 2015 Family First has applied to have the classification of Into the River by Ted Dawes upheld at R14 before it is put back on shelves. They have also asked for an investigation in to the…


Report Backs Call for Independent CYF Watchdog

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Media Release 24 Sep 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the panel’s interim report on Child, Youth and Family which agrees with our concerns that there is no fully independent watchdog to hold them to account. The report says that…


Memo to all School Principals re InsideOut

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Family First has written to all intermediate and high school principals regarding a programme disguised as an anti-bullying programme but which is actually pushing a sexuality and gender agenda. We’ve already had fantastic feedback from many principals who are also…


New research shows Quebec daycare harms children

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IMFC 22 September 2015 A new study released September 21, 2015, shows that Quebec’s daycare system has negative effects on children. The longitudinal assessment was done by heavyweight academics. It uses four different, reliable data sets including data from Statistics…


Vulnerable GLBT youth pawns in plebiscite game (Aust)

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NewsWeekly 23 September 2015 There is no research to show that legalising same-sex marriage would reduce the GLBT suicide rate. It would appear to be based on an ideological assumption rather than on hard evidence. The current Senate Committee inquiry…


Watchful parents help early-maturing girls avoid alcohol abuse


Reuters 21 September 2015 Girls who hit puberty early are at sharply higher risk of abusing alcohol as teens if their parents don’t keep tabs on them, new research shows. Early-maturing girls whose parents gave them free rein at age…


Prostitution victim leads charge against Amnesty International

Amnesty International

LifeSiteNews 18 September 2015 Her life in the sex trade, and her decision to get out, has made her a leading campaigner against Amnesty’s policy. The author of “Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution,” speaks openly of the violence, isolation,…