Month: September 2015

Swedish daycare Part II: Weak parenting, big problems


IMFC 12 September 2015 Please click here to read the first half. This is the conclusion to Jonas Himmelstrand’s assessment of social outcomes and daycare in Sweden. Sweden has youth with poor psychological health and poor school results, and stressed…


We won’t “chill out” opposing misogynistic messages

Black Microphone

Media Release 15 Sep 2015 WARNING: Contains offensive material Family First NZ is labelling calls for the group to ‘chill out’ about the messaging in ZOO magazine as flippant and brainless, and says that it will continue to oppose any…


Abortion Survivor Gives Powerful Testimony Before Congress

abortion survivor

Most babies’ births are met with balloons and tiny embroidered socks, hugs and tears of joy. Not Gianna Jessen’s. During a congressional hearing Wednesday, Jessen, an abortion survivor, shared with members of Congress the heartbreaking story of her own birth…


Swedish daycare: International example or cautionary tale?


IMFC 10 September 2015   Sweden is a pioneer in public, tax-subsidised, out-of-home daycare. In 1975, the Swedish government made public daycare available and affordable to all. Daycare expanded greatly during the 1980s and was made even cheaper in 2002 when…


Melinda Tankard Reist – Impact of Sexualised Imagery

melinda tankard reist youtube

Radio NZ National 13 September 2015 International advocate against the sexual exploitation of women and children, Melinda Tankard Reist discusses the pervasive influence of sexualized imagery in popular culture.  Is the objectification of women and children fueling international sex trafficking?…


Warning Of Smoke Screen Around Medicinal Marijuana

marijuana venice beach

Media Release 15 Sep 2015 Family First NZ says that a poll suggesting support for medicinal marijuana fails to comprehend the concerns around the real agenda behind liberalising drug laws and also the abuse of medicinal marijuana. However, Family First…


MPs look to UK in euthanasia debate


3News 14 September 2015 MPs considering a petition on euthanasia say they will look at a vote in the United Kingdom, which struck down a law allowing assisted suicide. The House of Commons overwhelmingly voted against the Bill, and here…


A surprising arrival on the SVOD scene

Family First SVOD

StopPress 11 September 2015 Streaming content is a hot topic at the moment. Companies like Netflix, Lightbox, Neon and Quickflix are all fighting for share, the telcos are signing up content deals left, right and centre, YouTube is still growing rapidly (and Facebook isn’t…


Into the River ban was in ‘public interest’

into the river warning

Stuff 13 September 2015 Complete freedom of expression is impossible in a society that also allows censorship, says the man who has singlehandedly shut down sales of teen novelInto the River. Don Mathieson, president of the Film and Literature…