Month: November 2015

The harm from Porn

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24 November 2015 The evidence of the great harm from Pornography continues to mount. An excellent report just released by the American College of Pediatricians (ACOP) “The Impact of Pornography on Children”  is a must read for everyone. ACOP is…


Male pregnancy could be a reality in just five years

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Stuff 24 November 2015 Every woman who has used the “well, we have to go through childbirth” line to win an argument with a man may soon be set to eat her words. Because according to leading doctors, male…


Child abuse cases stream in

child abuse

Police assign extra 25 officers to child abuse teams as cases stream in Stuff 24 November 2015 Child abuse complaints are streaming in so fast police are opening new investigations at a rate of one every hour. Talia Shadwell…


Problems with Gardasil: Cause or Coincidence.

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3D (TV3) 9 November 2015 The vaccination to help prevent cervical cancer has been on offer here since 2008 and more than 200,000 New Zealand girls have had it. The scientists say it’s safe, but some girls and their families…


Just Pray

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The advert that UK cinemas have banned! Lord’s Prayer advert: Cinemas ban Church of England advert because it might be offensive The Independent 23 November 2015 An advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer has been banned from cinemas in case it…


Booze law slammed by local councils

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Mayoral frustration over alcohol policy to be taken to minister Stuff 22 November 2015 Alcohol policy has cost one council thousands in legal fees and frustrated another council into abandoning their work altogether. And one alcohol health watchdog said…


The Search Is On – Married 70-Plus Years

marriage 70th anniversary

Media Release 21 November 2015 Family First NZ has been inundated with nominations for the longest living married couple in New Zealand, launched earlier this week.  “Most of the nominations have varied between 50-plus years and the 70-plus age range.…


Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide FAQ – Video 1

euthanasia & physician assisted suicide YouTube 1

In this video series, common misconceptions about “medically assisted dying” are addressed. This video answers the frequently asked question of why we don’t treat human beings with the same compassion as animals when they are suffering and dying?


It’s time to tackle New Zealand’s appalling child homicide record

starship child abuse 10 dec 2011

EDITORIAL: Stuff 21 November 2015 The long-standing belief that this country is universally a paradise for youngsters has been shattered, revealed as a charade by a Fairfax study of child homicide in New Zealand. We should hang our heads in…