Month: December 2015

Easter trading rules should be the same everywhere, says Wellington City Council

easter shop closed

Stuff 16 December 2015 The Government’s attempt to “pass the buck” over Easter trading hours has not gone down well with Wellington City Council. Parliament is currently considering legislation that would allow local councils to decide whether shops stay…


The Christmas Commercial That’s Breaking the Internet’s Heart

Christmas commercial

German supermarket chain EDEKA has released a Christmas ad that’s gone viral on social media. The commerical, which is a minute and 46 seconds long, features an elderly man receiving a letter from his daughter that she won’t be able…


The Father Who Believes He’s a 6-Year-Old Girl

gender 6 year old father

After 23 years of marriage and 7 kids, Stefonknee Wolscht realized she was a transgender woman. But the rejection from her family and friends left her feeling alone and suicidal. That was until the day she realized she could find…


Proposed European law to ban under 16s from social media

computer child

Stuff 15 December 2015 A new law plans to ban children under 16 living in the European Union (EU) from social media unless they have parental consent – but New Zealand experts say it won’t have the desired effect.…


IKEA The Other Letter

Christmas the other letter YouTube

I found the message of this video from IKEA in Spain so touching and special that I translated and subtitled it. Hope you enjoy. Please share.


Flag result causing debate

nz 5 flags

3News 12 December 2015 Both sides of the flag debate in New Zealand are claiming preliminary voting results of the first referendum vindicate their position. The black and blue Southern Cross silver fern design got 50.53 percent of the votes…


Flag Referendum Less Credible Than Smacking Referendum

referendums being ignored

Media Release 11 December 2015 Family First NZ, one of the promoters of the anti-smacking law referendum, says that the low turnout on the flag referendum shows that it has less relevance and credibility than the 2009 Citizens Initiated Referendum…


Teacher fired for refusing to call a girl a boy


Fired for Refusing to Call a Biological Girl a Boy, This Teacher Is Claiming Religious Discrimination The Daily Signal 9 December 2015 This fall a, teacher was fired in Texas for not referring to a 6-year-old girl as a boy.…


Belgium experts ask for end to euthanasia based on mental health problems

Young Man Sitting on Bed

Flanders Today 10 December 2015 Euthanasia should no longer be carried out on the basis of psychological suffering alone, according to 65 Belgian psychiatrists, psychologists and professors in an op-ed published by De Morgen this week. On average, 2,000 people…


Two in three girls say they are being bullied – survey


NZ Herald 9 December 2015 More than half of teenagers say they are being bullied, with girls significantly more likely to report some form of cruelty. A British Government survey of more than 120,000 15-year-olds in England found that 63…