Month: April 2016

What happens when a baker doesn’t want to bake a cake?

gay marriage rainbow cake

LifeSiteNews 9 April 2015 Family First Comment: You know the scenario. It’s happened a number of times, where a same-sex couple want a baker to bake their ‘wedding’ cake but the baker says they can’t because of their conscientious objection…


Surrogate offers to be impregnated with dead teenage filmmaker’s sperm


Stuff 24 April 2016 At least one potential surrogate has volunteered to be impregnated with sperm frozen before promising Auckland teenage filmmaker Cameron Duncan died 12 years ago. The offers have breathed life into grieving mother Sharon Duncan’s dreams…


Canada shows that assisted suicide is a cliff, not a slippery slope

Canadian Flag

Media Release – Secretary Care Alliance 22 April 2016 Family First Comment: Dr Kleinsman says the Canadian experience shows there is no logical limit once you start legalising assisted suicide. “Taking the single, fateful step of believing that assisting suicide is…


What Colorado has learned from legalizing marijuana so far

marijuana crop

Yahoo News 21 April 2016 Family First Comment: Still early days – but some disturbing trends 1. The health risk of marijuana to young people is being masked – “The number of juvenile marijuana arrests increased 5 percent, with 3,400…


One in 20 New Zealanders using cannabis for medical reasons – study

marijuana smoking joint

Stuff 22 April 2016 Family First Comment: Of which 70% use it recreationally anyway! Sounds like California. But here’s the key finding: “Both medicinal and non-medicinal users reported physical or mental health harm from their use of cannabis, but…


Are we losing the war on meth?

drugs - P

NewsHub 21 April 2016 Family First Comment: “The war on P has failed.” Will the UN and the Drug Foundation argue that we should make it legal?!!! #scarylogic There are concerns New Zealand’s facing a methamphetamine epidemic, with claims it’s…


UN backs prohibitionist drug policies despite call for more ‘humane solution’


The Guardian 20 April 2016 Family First Comment: Good result! “Plan adopted at special session focuses on reform and cooperation between nations but maintains policies that criminalise non-medical or scientific drug use.” The conference was called by countries struggling with…


Trans Bathroom Bills Prove Feminism Has Failed My Daughter

gender toilet 2

The Federalist 21 April 2016 Isn’t it funny how we’re all supposed to be disgusted when men try to force abortion laws on us because “our body, our right,” but when they force their way into our bathrooms it’s just…


In brief: NZ’s drug numbers

drugs adiction

NewsHub 20 April 2016 Family First Comment: And to think there’s discussion going on about legalising and going soft on this activity! Massey University’s just revealed its latest annual Illicit Drug Monitoring System study. It’s based on interviews with more…


Cannabis: scientists call for action amid mental health concerns

Marijuana - super strong

The Guardian 15 April 2016 Family First Comment: A UK government spokesperson said its position on cannabis was clear. “We must prevent drug use in our communities and help people who are dependent to recover, while ensuring our drugs laws…