Month: April 2016

Labour to review medicinal cannabis laws

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NZ Herald 5 April 2016 Family First Comment: NZ’ers need to be aware of the smoke-screen of ‘medicinal marijuana’. The strategy of groups who want dope legalised is to promote medicinal marijuana which simply manipulates society’s compassion for people with…


Why are more children seeking help for serious mental health problems?

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Stuff 2 April 2016 Family First Comment: This article is raising the exact same issues we already raised in our February report on the anti-smacking law “Defying Human Nature”. “It’s not that young people have different problems from…


Study finds chronic cannabis users worse off

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Radio NZ 3 April 2016 Family First Comment: It’s called ‘dope’ for a very good reason! So why would governments want to encourage use of it?? New research shows chronic marijuana smokers – those who use cannabis four or more days…


Second-hand smoke exposure numbers halve

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NewsHub 1 April 2016 Family First Comment: But wait until they legalise marijuana. Then we’re back to step 1 again. #ironic Exposure to second-hand smoke in Kiwi homes has almost halved in a seven-year period, a study has found. Massey…


How regular cannabis users descend into mid-life failure

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NZ Herald 27 March 2016 Young people who smoke cannabis regularly slide further down the social ladder than their parents, a study has revealed. Those who use the Class B drug at least four times a week over several years…


Judge Makes Harmful Comments on Underage Sex


Media Release 1 April 2016 Family First NZ is labelling a judge’s comments about underage sex as flawed and harmful, and says that the laws are there for good reason and should not be weakened. “Some young people may make…