Month: May 2016

WATCH: A third of pro-choice women change their view of abortion after seeing this viral video

abortion - 1200

LifeSiteNews 24 May 2016 Family First Comment: If you’re pro-abortion, please take a couple of minutes to watch this It caused a sensation when it debuted, being viewed millions of times in just three months. And now a four-minute-long viral…


New Zealand’s longest-married couple celebrate 100 years

Longest Married Couple 3 Today 24 May 2016 Family First Comment: Our longest married couple are both 100 years old this year – Mr this month, and Mrs beginning of next month. Two letters from the Queen! So that makes them the OLDEST &…


US newspaper editorial – Girls must get over their ‘discomfort’ at seeing male genitals in locker room

gender changing room 2

LifeSiteNews 20 May 2016 Family First Comment: Now it’s just getting wacky! “In this lunatic world, we place the burden of transgender progress on young girls, telling them to just get over it.” Exactly. Girls need to get over the…


Safe Schools Australia? Marxist now a school LGBT adviser

safe schools australia

The Australian 23 May 2016 Family First Comment: Although this is an Australian programme, NZ’s “InsideOut” programme has similar ideology but doesn’t receive the same level of government funding as Australia. However, note the comments of the Safe Schools programme……


Gender choice: are you Mr, Ms or Mx? (Aust)

gender name badges

The Australian 23 May 2016 Family First Comment: Australia has officially lost their way! “In February, the Australian ¬Bureau of Statistics issued a “standard for sex and gender variables, 2016” which listed an “other” category. “The inclusion of the ‘please specify’…


Digital devices make little difference for primary kids, says study


NZ Herald 21 May 2016 Family First Comment: No surprises. Perhaps the a Education Ministry should have done their homework a bit better before forcing parents to fork out for expensive (and optional) technology. The boom in iPads and other…


The truth about ‘medical marijuana’

marijuana nida for teens

NIDA for Teens website is a project of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH). Created for middle and high school students and their teachers, this website provides accurate and timely information for use in…