Month: May 2016

Former transgender takes on Obama’s bathroom directive

toilet man entering

LifeSiteNews 17 May 2016 Family First Comment: “As someone who underwent surgery from male to female and lived as a female for eight years before returning to living as a man, I know firsthand what it’s like to be a…


Medicinal cannabis gains support from experts

marijuana - cannabis oil capsules

NZ Herald 20 May 2016 Family First Comment: “The consistent feedback from experts in their field was that cannabis-based products should be treated no differently to other medicines — evidence-based principles should and will continue to be followed.” Medical experts…


Family First @ World Congress of Families in Georgia

wcf georgia 2016

Family First NZ has been in attendance at the World Congress of Families in Georgia. The event was hosted by Levan Vasadze. His son was in the Auckland Rugby Academy, and I met him in Utah last year. We even…


‘Sex Work’ Is Inherently High-Risk & Harmful

prostitution protest

Media Release 19 May 2016 Family First NZ says that the police are right to highlight the activity and concerns around the death of Christchurch 22-year-old Renee Duckmanton, and that statistics and testimonies show that ‘sex workers’ are involved in…


Ban on abortion after 19 weeks (Sth Carolina)

abortion ultrasound scan

Fox News 18 May 2016 Family First Comment: 17th state to introduce this law! NZ needs to be the 18th 🙂 The South Carolina Legislature passed a bill Tuesday prohibiting abortion after 19 weeks, becoming the 17th state to pass…


Transgender at 6? Parents respond…

toilet mother child

A number of mothers posted responses on our Facebook page in relation to the 6-year-old “transgender”.They’re worth reprinting here because they remind us of ‘common sense’ and protecting our children. “My brother at about 6 or 7yrs liked to pretend…


Women and Abortion: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

mum and baby

Public Discourse 16 May 2016 Family First Comment: This is a great read. “The foundation of the pro-abortion movement is the mantra “My body, my choice.” The problem is, this pro-abortion language of personal rights and physical autonomy is clearly…


Wicked Campers sexual term banned by Chief Censor

wicked campers

NZ Herald 16 May 2016 Family First Comment: Once again, an interesting determination. A great result. But why is it unacceptable on a vehicle, but ok in a children’s book and on free-to-air television during so-called family viewing times? Some…