Month: June 2016

TV2 Right To Cancel Cringeworthy ‘Sex Box’

tv rubbish

Media Release 30 June 2016 Family First NZ is welcoming the decision by state broadcaster TV2 to cancel the screening of the live sex show ‘Sex Box’ in New Zealand. “It should never have been considered in the first place.…


Parental Involvement and Consent for a Minor’s Abortion

Mother and teenage daughter 1

American College of Pediatricians May 2016 Family First Comment: Superb summary – and compulsory reading for politicians as they consider a change to the NZ law “Adolescents need the advice and involvement of their parents. As more is learned about…


Govt Veto Puts Needs of Parents As Low Priority

mum and baby

Media Release 29 June 2016 Family First NZ says that the government in exercising its veto against paid parental leave is prioritising funding for the childcare industry over democracy and giving parents real choice and support. “The Government has just…


Remember me for gay marriage, says David Cameron

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Christian Institute 24 June 2016 Family First Comment: In 2006, David Cameron said marriage was important whether it was between “man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and another man”. Three days before the 2010…


The Data on Children in Same-Sex Households Get More Depressing

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Public Discourse 29 June 2016 A new study released earlier this month in the journal Depression Research and Treatment contributes to mounting evidence against the “no differences” thesis about the children of same-sex households, mere months after media sources prematurely—and…


The hypocrisy of Labour’s Bill Shorten on ‘gay marriage’

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Federal election 2016: Bill Shorten flips on gay plebiscite The Australian 29 June 2016 Family First Comment: 2013 – “But in terms of a plebiscite — I would rather the people of Australia could make their view clear on this…


Suicide – It’s not one thing

euthanasia - suicide note

School Report: What’s hard about growing up in New Zealand? Stuff 28 June 2016 Family First Comment: “Bullying” was mentioned 46 times. But there were countless other terms that came up more frequently. “School” came up 287 times, “health”…


Why Is Transgender An Identity But Anorexia A Disorder?


The Federalist 27 June 2016 Family First Comment: This is a very good question. “The contradictory desire in transgenderism is similar in hopelessness as the desire in anorexia. The goal is to be thin, and one is never thin enough…


Moko’s killers get 17 years in prison

Moko's killers

Family First NZ’s Bob McCoskrie said NZers were really horrified by the fact that Moko’s killers’ murder charges were lessened to manslaughter. NewsTalk ZB 27 June 2016 Tania Shailer and David Haerewa have been handed the highest ever sentence…