Month: June 2016

Pair responsible for Moko’s death to be sentenced today

Moko Rangitoheriri

NewsTalk ZB 27 June 2016 The death of Moko Rangitoheriri has sparked marches and demonstrations across the country, after details of how the three-year-old boy was killed were made public. At the Rotorua High Court today, the pair who pleaded…


Family First Joins Justice4Moko Marches

child abuse moko

Media Release 26 June 2016 Family First NZ is joining the call for a review of child abuse laws and for changes to the legal system to avoid child abuse killers having their charges reduced from murder to manslaughter. “The…


Polyamorous relationships may be the future of love

polygamy 2

BBC Future 23 June 2016 Family First Comment: And so the ‘lobbying’ continues in the media – now the BBC. No surprises – It’s just a matter of time. But this part is interesting…. “A 2012 survey of 4,000 polyamorous…


Press Release: Great News for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (US)

sexual activity contraception teens

American College of Pediatricians 22 June 2016 Family First Comment: Similar trend to NZ. Teens are saying NO. Yes – shock horror. Abstaining. And they’re doing better for it. Lower abortion rates. Lower teen pregnancy. Not rocket science. 🙂 The…


Caregiver support key in tackling dementia

EUTHANASIA elderly hand

TVNZ One News 23 June 2016 Family First Comment: One thing we SHOULDN’T do is legitimise euthanasia! “The psychogeriatrician said it was also important that people knew the condition wasn’t “the end” and people could have a positive quality of…


Surrogacy has something to offend everyone

surrogacy gammy

MercatorNet 22 June 2016 Family First Comment: Great read. I am an outspoken critic of gestational surrogacy, in which the gestational mother carries a child to term for another person or couple. I have noticed that many people do not…


Colorado teens see marijuana as less risky, new statewide research shows

MARIJUANA brain on drugs

Smart Colorado June 2016 Family First Comment: Disturbing trend “Colorado voters were promised marijuana would be kept out of the hands of Colorado kids. And yet, after three and half years of commercialized recreational marijuana and after over six years…


AfD Politician ridicules Green Party LGBTTQQ-Proposal by greeting Parliament in 60 different Genders

gender - YouTube 60 different genders

Published on Jun 10, 2016 AfD politician Steffen Königer ridiculed the Greens in the Brandenburg Parliament for their proposal of a “Campaign for Acceptance of Gender and Sexual diversity, Self-Determination and against Homo and Trans*-phobia in Brandenburg” as well as…


Study Links Suicide with Marijuana Use


Smart 11 Sept 2014 Family First Comment: Why would we want to liberalise laws around this drug?? Teenagers who start smoking cannabis daily before the age of 17 are seven times more likely to commit suicide, a study has…