Month: June 2016

FIVE WAYS Fathers Matter

father & child

Child Trends 15 June 2016 Family First Comment: If you’re a dad, take a moment to read this – and be encouraged about your value! :) Research shows that fathers’ positive engagement can improve child well-being whether they live full-time…


Charity Begins at the Politically Correct Home? The Family First Case

charities commission target 2016 6x4

Rex Ahdar – University of Otago – Faculty of Law November 2015 Otago Law Review (2015) 14(1) 171-189 Abstract:      Is advancing the traditional or nuclear family a non-charitable purpose? Is it “controversial” and impermissibly political “propaganda” in the 21st century…


Study reveals bad news for toking teens

MARIJUANA joint passed

NZ Herald 18 June 2016 Family First Comment: The news is not so good when it comes to mental health. The research showed that teens who started smoking marijuana before 18 and who were diagnosed as being addicted to cannabis…


Unrealistic safeguards

euthanasia - vulnerable people

Maxim Institute 13 June 2016 Family First Comment: New York State and Canada already show evidence that the terms ‘safeguards’ and ‘euthanasia’ are oxymorons “Safeguards.” It’s an official-sounding and soothing term often used by those in favour of euthanasia, to…


Study findings on domestic violent present ‘challenging picture’

domestic violence by woman 1

Stuff 16 June 2016 Family First Comment: ‘Challenging picture’? No, it’s simply about facing the facts on domestic violence. “The data did not fit the male-dominance model, which attributes aggression mostly to men, the researchers concluded. “[It] would suggest…


Govt ignoring democracy on paid parental leave bill


NZ Herald 17 June 2016 Family First Comment: Not the first time that the National govt has ignored democracy. Remember 2009? Smacking Referendum? 87%? #selectivedemocracy Finance Minister Bill English is accused of “ignoring democracy” after he vetoed eight more weeks…