Month: July 2016

Secondhand marijuana smoke more dangerous than tobacco – study

marijuana - secondhand smoke

RT America 29 July 2016 Family First Comment: The more we learn about marijuana, the more we realise why it’s a public health risk! “There is widespread belief that, unlike tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke is benign,” Springer said. “We in…


DNC Speaker Shouts Her Abortion ….. and the Crowd Cheers

abortion - DNC speaker

Weekly Standard 27 July 2016 Family First Comment: Unbelievable! The US Democrat Party is without doubt the party of death – and unashamed of it. It’s ironic that not one of the Democratic supporters of abortion (including Hillary) has been…


Judges block ‘state guardian’ for every child law (Scotland)

kiro monitoring

Daily Mail 29 July 2016 Family First Comment: Good decision! This was the same crazy suggestion that ex-Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro made about 10 years ago regarding all NZ children. Judges have blocked Nicola Sturgeon’s controversial law to appoint a…


Sexualisation of children an issue that needs to be faced

Melinda Tankard Reist

Stuff 28 July 2016 Family First Comment: Melinda spoke at our 2011 Forum on the Family. A great ally in the field. Well worth attending her upcoming talks in August in Wgn & Chch. Advocates for women and girls…


It’s the end for CYF – AGAIN!

CYF logo

Faces of Innocents: CYF to be shut down and replaced by a new ministry Stuff 28 July 2016 Family First Comment: This sentence sums it up. “CYF’s name has been subtly changed three times before and it’s been restructured…


Reality Check: Hillary Clinton’s history with same-sex marriage

Hillary Clinton 27 July 2016 Family First Comment: Gosh – Hillary used to believe in Marriage as one man one woman. But politics slowly changed that. “Could have been sooner.” During the primary season, “Saturday Night Live” comic Kate McKinnon schooled…


The phenomenon of divorce regret

divorce - broken heart

NZ Herald 23 July 2016 Family First Comment: An interesting discussion – although note that there is very little discussion around what’s best for children, and their needs. “Divorce has never been easier and, for marriages where abuse or genuine…


Talking to Children about Sex

mother talking to daughter

American College of Pediatricians 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: Excellent read. “Parents have the opportunity to protect their children from the potentially harmful consequences of sex, counteract misinformation from other sources, and communicate their own values regarding sex when…