Month: July 2016

Police paying for child abuse tipoff leaves them open to ‘trumped up complaints’

Andrew Becroft

Children’s Commissioner cautions that police paying for child abuse tipoffs leaves them open to ‘trumped up complaints’ TVNZ One News 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: Hallelujah! A Children’s Commissioner with some common sense!!!! “Complaints could be made for money.…


CYF ‘sorry’ over children in faeces-riddled mess

CYF logo

Landlord ‘disappointed’ after alerting CYF to revolting conditions NewsHub 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: And this is why people have issues with CYF. They go completely over the top on cases of smacking and unsubstantiated claims by ex-partners (see…


Poll Finds Americans Strongly Support Abortion Restrictions

usa flag 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: Clinton has been unabashed in her support of abortion, recently promising Planned Parenthood that she would work to repeal the Hyde Amendment and increase tax dollars for abortion, and that GOP Vice Presidential…


Sydney school Elanora Heights bans clapping

Schoolchildren clapping-in-the-classroom

NZ Herald 21 July 2016 Family First Comment: This isn’t PC – this is STUPIDITY! “The latest example of a political correctness outbreak in Australian schools, which have banned hugging, singing Christmas carols, celebrating Australia Day, singing the word “black”…


Marijuana Linked to Fatal Car Crashes

Marijuana - drug tests

Berkeley Wellness 18 July 2016 Family First Comment: Who said marijuana never killed anyone? “Since recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Washington state at the end of 2012….. The rate of fatal car crashes associated with marijuana use rose…


Is cannabis a cure for brain cancer?

marijuana - cannabis oil capsules

NZ Herald 20 July 2016 Family First Comment: When claims meet scientific rigour, #dontbelievethehype “”There are a lot of claims in the public sphere suggesting that cannabis is useful in all sorts of cancers, but the science not always supporting…


Is Pot Losing Its Buzz in Colorado?

marijuana crop 1 July 2016 Family First Comment: Interesting… “Now, as citizen groups attempt to put the brakes on the growing industry, a heated debate has emerged about the drug’s societal impact. Doctors report a spike in pot-related emergency room visits—mostly…