Month: July 2016

Big money in cannabis

marijuana smoking joint

Government could make $150 million annually from taxing cannabis Stuff 19 July 2016 Family First Comment: Sigh! What a dopey argument. There’s good money in the drug P also. And sex trafficking (unfortunately). Should we decriminalise and just make…


Transgender woman charged with voyeurism in Idaho

target store

NZ Herald 15 July 2016 Family First Comment: They can’t say they weren’t warned about this. What about NZ schools?! United States police have charged a transgender woman after she was caught filming an 18-year-old woman in a Target changing…


Parental Notification – Another family tells us their story….

Teenage girl crying while her father reassuring her

The politicians blocked Family First from being able to submit the experiences of other families affected by the law. But yet another family sent their story to us this weekend, and gave us permission to share it with you… Fifteen…


Why Parental Notification Laws Protect Young People

pregnant young girl

Decreased rates of youth suicide, risky sex and sexually transmitted diseases, reduced abortion rates, protecting the adolescent from sexual abuse – why wouldn’t families want parental notification laws! Here’s the evidence that the politicians seemed to want to ignore…. THE…


Mum who petitioned for abortion law change won’t give up

depressed teen girl 1

NewsTalk ZB 8 July 2016 Family First Comment: Good. Neither will we The mother who petitioned to make it mandatory for parents to know if their children under 16 have an abortion, has pledged not to give up. Hilary Kieft’s…


Parental Notification – Hillary Kieft responds

parental notification seven sharp select committee

Statement from Hillary Kieft re Parental Notification I’m lost for words. I find the decision of the Select Committee to be like a cruel joke. I find it especially difficult knowing that some of the members of the committee are…