Month: August 2016

Study: 9-Month-Old Babies Like Gender-Specific Toys

baby 9 mth playing

Daily Wire 4 August 2016 Family First Comment: Oops. That stuffs up the “gender stereotypes and norms” problem that some academics are concerned about. It’s actually just ‘human nature’! A recent academic study published in the journal of Infant and…


Hospices to get more palliative care staff

EUTHANASIA young and elderly 2

TVNZ One News 4 August 2016 Family First Comment: A much better solution than assisted suicide. Hospices are getting 60 new palliative care positions as part of a $76 million budget boost. Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says hospices make a…


Normalizing Gender Dysphoria is Dangerous and Unethical

gender confusion

American College of Pediatricians 3 August 2016 Family First Comment: Professional groups representing over 20,000 physicians and health professionals in the US speak up…. “There is a suppressed debate among professionals regarding the new treatment “standard” for childhood Gender Dysphoria…


Family Holidays Also Involve Education & Learning

family at beach

Media Release 4 August 2016 Family First is rubbishing suggestions that families pulling their children out of school for family holidays is a form of truancy. “The suggestion that it is equivalent to truancy is almost laughable,” says Bob McCoskrie,…


Hillary’s Law is now Ariana’s Campaign

abortion parental notification ariana native affairs

As you will be aware, the rights of parents to care for their daughters was undermined recently when a petition calling for parental notification for teenage abortions (Hillary’s Law) was rejected by a select committee. MPs voted to keep parents in…


Voting down pot

marijuana sad

Washington Times 1 August 2016 Family First Comment: “Voters considering legalizing marijuana on Election Day (in the US) should look past vested interests’ view that marijuana is safe. They should make their vote with the clear eyes of the scientific…


To the Minister of Education: Keep ALL Students Safe From Bullying

bullying why dont they care

A small group of MPs calling themselves the “Cross Party Rainbow Parliamentary Network” have written to the Minister of Education in an attempt to use school bullying as a means to promote gender identity and sexuality issues. (This was the…