Month: September 2016

Burden on grandparents raising children: ‘I had to leave my job’

EUTHANASIA young and elderly

NZ Herald 7 September 2016 Family First Comment: The usual list of suspects – drug and alcohol abuse, family breakdown…… “Drug addiction, domestic violence, family breakdown, neglect, struggling parents and alcohol abuse are the most common reasons children end up…


Marriage Is Good for Couples’ Finances. Are You and Your Spouse on the Right Track?

married couples finances 23 August 2016 Family First Comment: “People who never married are at 3.3 times greater risk of experiencing “negative wealth”—that is, having debt that exceeds their assets—compared to continuously married individuals, the study found. And people who are separated…


Don’t Write Off The ‘Nuclear Family’

Family awaiting. Isolated on white. Clipping path.

Media Release 7 Sep 2016 Family First is warning that recent media headlines such as “Mum, dad and the kids? Not so much …” “nuclear family a thing of the past“ and “the nuclear family has exploded” are misleading because…


Celebrating a pro-life saint

abortion - Mother Teresa YouTube

Mother Teresa, famous for her work with the extreme poor in India, has become a household name, synonymous with selflessness, goodness and charity. But not everyone knows that Mother Teresa was a GIANT in the fight for life. In 1994,…


4-year-old begins gender transition in Australia

gender - 4 year old

NewsHub 1 September 2016 Family First Comment: Very sad. State-sponsored child abuse. A four-year-old in New South Wales has begun the process of changing gender, with the help of the state government. It comes amid a rapid increase in the…


Survey: More US adults use marijuana, don’t think it’s risky

Marijuana - pot

The Big Story 31 August 2016 Family First Comment: More are using marijuana, using it more often and far fewer think it’s risky, the government survey found. That runs counter to scientific research about pot, said Dr. Wilson Compton, lead…


Gender Ideology Should Be Kept Out Of Schools

gender dont confuse me

Media Release 1 Sep 2016 TRAPPED IN THE WRONG BODY’ NOT SUPPORTED BY SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE Family First NZ says that a major new report, just published in the journal The New Atlantis, challenges the leading narratives that are being pushed…


74% of Belgian mental suffering euthanised were women

belgium 29 August 2016 Family First Comment: “The Dutch and Belgian societies are turning their backs on mentally-ill women, and are quite happy for them to die out of hand. Assurances of informed choice and stringent safeguards to laws for…