Month: December 2016

California Democrats ‘legalise’ child prostitution


Washington Examiner 29 December 2016 Family First Comment: Idiotic (but not the first dumb law out of California!) “Legalising child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can’t interfere with minors…


The reality of drug abuse – irrespective of wealth & fame.


Their loss is tragic. But why is no one saying George Michael and others died young after years of drug abuse? NZ Herald 29 December 2016 Family First Comment: Well summed up article. Prince. George Michael. Carrie Fisher. Rick Parfitt.…


French woman wants to marry a robot as expert predicts sex robots to become preferable to humans


NZ Herald 24 December 2016 Family First Comment: Just when you thought it couldn’t get wackier… “The “proud robosexual” said she always loved the voices of robots as a child but realised at 19 she was sexually attracted to them…


How safe is super-concentrated marijuana?


Now legal in eight states, there are unanswered questions about the impact of recreational marijuana on public health. To maximize potency, pot can be purified for maximum THC, its psychoactive ingredient. But a lack of research and restrictions on these…


More dodgy research that TRIES to deny abortion harms – but fails!


Pro-life experts skewer methodology of study that denied post-abortion depression LifeSiteNews 21 December 2016 Family First Comment: More advocacy ‘research’ that should be binned. Beware of research that goes against common sense and the overwhelming weight of evidence already presented.…


Blind Faith @ Christmas


Parents of an unborn child were advised to abort, based on a calculated risk that the baby could be born with a deformity. They declined, and persisted with the birth. The baby did show signs of eye defects, and was…


Alcohol to blame for quarter of emergency room visits


NewsHub 21 December 2016 Family First Comment: It’s time for politicians to stop sitting on their hands and bowing down to the alcohol lobby as they did last year when the laws were reviewed. Emergency room doctors are calling for…


‘Husband, wife’ now ‘off limits’ (Australia)


The Australian December 2016 Family First Comment: “The guide is one of the ways in which we are addressing and eradicating homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.” Biphobia? What it really shows is that reality and common sense has been deemed an…


Study: 1 in 25 Americans threatened with ‘revenge porn’


Daily Herald 17 December 2016 One in 25 Americans has been threatened with or faced a vicious form of digital harassment in which explicit images are shared online without the subject’s consent, according to a report released Tuesday by think…