Month: January 2017

Thousands of parents are not claiming back on their school donations

school fees

Stuff 29 January 2017 Family First Comment: A third of school donations can be claimed back but thousands of parents aren’t doing that. Hundreds of thousands, potentially even millions of dollars worth of unclaimed tax rebates from school donations…


France’s top court strikes down anti-smacking law

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France 27 January 2017 Family First Comment: We need a ‘constitutional council to vet legislation’ in New Zealand! A French law condemning the smacking of children has been struck down by the Constitutional Council, dismaying opponents of a practice…


Doctor-assisted suicide could save Canada up to $139 million each year, Alberta study suggests

Stéthoscope et euros

National Post 23 January 2017 Family First Comment: The ‘elephant in the room’ in the debate over euthanasia… According to the authors, “as death approaches, health care costs increase dramatically in the final months. Patients who choose medical assistance in…


Mexico City Policy: WHO Study on Abortion Rate in Africa Is Wrong

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National Review 25 January 2017 Family First Comment: Trump’s policy on abortion will be attacked based on a WHO study, BUT.. “…studies from the WHO should be viewed skeptically. The group has a well-known position in favor of legal abortion…


WATCH: Bob McCoskrie interviews Tammy Bruce (2004)

tammy bruce 2004 youtube

In 2004, Bob McCoskrie interview Tammy Bruce – broadcaster and author of “The Death of Right and Wrong” As a gay activist and former president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization of Women, she witnessed firsthand the…


EQUALITY? Dunedin father and daughter sentenced over incest


NZ Herald 25 January 2017 Family First Comment: If consenting loving adults means equality and we should be ‘free to love’, then here’s an interesting statement by the judge … “Judge Kevin Phillips said it was very serious repeat offending…


Ssshhh – Don’t mention family structure

child poverty and family structure 2016 slider

NZ Herald 24 January 2017 | The New Zealand children who are least likely to be abused are those who live with their married biological parents. So says welfare commentator and researcher Lindsay Mitchell in a Family First NZ-commissioned report,…


Editorial: Marriage is a dirty word?


NZ Herald 24 January 2017 Family First Comment: This editor needs to be promoted to editor of the NZ Herald. He actually reads reports with an open mind! Bob McCoskrie will be well used to it by now, but the…


China shuts porn apps down


NewsHub 24 January 2017 Family First Comment: More interesting developments from around the world in the fight against the harms of pornography China’s internet supervisors have taken down more than 5500 illegal apps for disseminating pornographic and violent content among…