Month: January 2017

Trump Reinstates Key Pro-Life Policy Abroad

Donald Trump 1

Trump Reinstates Policy Protecting Taxpayer Dollars From International Abortion Activity The Daily Signal 23 January 2017 Family First Comment: Rather than the NZ Herald’s slanted report, here’s the real facts… “Since Reagan introduced the policy in 1984, the policy has…


Each child conceived within marriage substantially decreases the odds that a couple will divorce

marriage - wedding ring hands

Child and Family Blog January 2017 Family First Comment: The reason? “The presence of children conceived within the marriage increases the value of the marriage, more so than the disruptive effect that children are known to have on many couple…


‘I’m glad I didn’t make changes earlier in my life’: Ruby Rose talks gender identity struggles

Ruby Rose

NZ Herald 20 January 2017 Family First Comment: Celebrating uniqueness without having to change gender “But the model and actress admitted that she may have regretted making pemanent physical changes at that age, as she explained she was happy being…


Parents Need ALL Effective Methods of Discipline

smacking poll 2016

American College of Pediatricians January 2017 Family First Comment: Here’s a balanced and thorough analysis “Back-up disciplinary (smacking) can be used non-abusively when a child refuses to comply with milder corrective techniques, such as time out. Back-up (smacking) teaches a…


Bathroom Rules Must Protect, Not Enable

School Girl

Billy 16 January 2017 Family First Comment: This is a superb commentary, and should be read by anyone who has daughters “The world has convinced too many of us that truth is bigotry, real love is hate, silence is…


I’m terminally ill and the debate on euthanasia scares me

euthanasia - vulnerable people

Sydney Morning Herald 17 January 2017 Family First Comment: “Recognising the full scope of human dignity, we stopped capital punishment a long time ago. Now bringing in legislation that allows a group of experts to determine who can “legally” die,…


Family First calls for boycott of Fifty Shades of Grey TV airing


Stuff 18 January 2017 Conservative lobby group Family First is seeing red over plans to broadcast Fifty Shades of Grey on free-to-air television. TV3 plans to screen the R18 film, which depicts a couple’s sadomasochistic relationship, at 8.30pm on…


Little hope for change with English’s abortion stance – lobby group

Bill English PM

NewsHub 18 January 2017 Family First Comment: Great! Abortion law reformists aren’t holding out hope for change under new Prime Minister Bill English – who says he wouldn’t support a woman’s rights to abortions under any circumstances. Mr English made…