Month: February 2017

Gamblers spent $118 million more in FY 2015/16

SkyCity Roulette Breakfast

Scoop 23 February 2017 Family First Comment: Driving poverty – because we know that pokies are often targeted at low income areas and families… “Gambling expenditure increased by 2.6 per cent, from an average of $601 per person in 2015,…


Politically Diverse Panelists Unite for Women’s Rights, Discuss Dangers of Transgender Activism

gender - Biology Isn't Bigotry YouTube

The Stream 16 February 2017 Family First Comment: Some superb discussion from women both liberal and conservative, but united against the ‘gender agenda’ Key quotes: “Our sex is who we are. It can’t be amputated from our body like a…


Trump to reverse Obama’s transgender rules

gender toilet maori

NewsHub 23 February 2017 Family First Comment: Obama threatened to withhold federal funding if schools forced transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender ASSIGNED AT BIRTH against their will. Trump will get things back to normal. Republican President…


Rachel McKenzie talks about AskMeFirst Campaign on Radio 531PI

audio family first     Family First has been accused of transphobia after launching a campaign against transgender women using female bathrooms. The AskMeFirst campaign was launched amid concern over a trans student being allowed to use the female bathroom at an…


AskMeFirst Campaign Wants Privacy in Toilets

ask me first logo youtube

Media Release 21 February 2017 Family First NZ has launched a campaign called AskMeFirst in response to the growing trend in both NZ schools and public places to allow men to enter women’s spaces — female toilets, showers, changing rooms,…


Polygamy: The Next Frontier

polygamy legalising plural marriage book

The American Conservative 18 February 2017 Family First Comment: “Remember when all the “Haters” warned a decade or more ago that legalising gay marriage required uncoupling marriage from procreation and basing it on expressive individualism, and that this would open…


Two More States Have Declared Porn a Public Health Crisis

Pornography Inquiry BOY

Relevant Magazine 16 February 2017 Family First Comment: More and more countries and states waking up. South Dakota and Virginia have recently passed new measures, joining Utah as states that now view porn as a public health crisis. South Dakota’s…


Knesset weighs tax breaks for studious newlyweds


The Times of Israel 16 February 2017 Family First Comment: This is called ‘an ambulance at the TOP of the cliff’ – a worthy investment Knesset lawmakers will vote on legislation Sunday to grant tax benefits to couples who take…