Month: February 2017

Roe, of Roe vs Wade fame, dies aged 69

FILE PHOTO - Norma McCorvey the anonymous plaintiff known as Jane Roe in the Supreme Court's landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling in Washington

NewsHub 19 February 2017 Family First Comment: “A reluctant hero of the abortion-rights movement, Ms McCorvey put her courtroom pseudonym fully behind her in the 1980s when she lent her name to supporters of women’s rights. She did an about-face,…


It’s time for the Church of England to lay down the law on marriage

Marriage - church

The Telegraph 16 February 2017 Family First Comment: Superb commentary: “People in society expect the Church to believe and teach the Bible. What other authority can the Church have? … The undeniable truth is that the Church can’t give its…


Family First name used to trick people to gay website

family first website screenshot

TVNZ One News 16 February 2017 Family First Comment: Hee! As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. They also say – small things amuse small minds  By the way, the website address is simply FAMILYFIRST.NZ  The…


Dedicated to all dads…

daddy poem small

Dedicated to all involved dads – a response to this incident recently with an Australian dad (click on image for high res version)


Family First’s third warning on kids’ screen time

computer kid

ComputerWorld 15 February 2017 Family First Comment: Interesting that ComputerWorld – who you could argue have a vested interest – have reported this. Well done. If at Family First you don’t succeed, try, try again. The organisation has made its…


Submissions On Controversial Laws Deserve Privacy

select committee

Media Release 16 February 2017 Family First NZ is supporting a call made at Parliament today for more privacy being granted to submitters to select committees on controversial social legislation.   “Submitters are arguing that the manner of publishing submissions on…


Polygamous Marriage: Is Govt Bending The Rules?

polygamy marriage-equality

Media Release 17 February 2017 Family First NZ is concerned that the government may be turning a ‘blind eye’ to polygamous marriages in New Zealand when assessing entitlements to welfare support. The issue has come to light with a recent…


Research Supports Call For Paid Father Leave

father & baby

Media Release 16 February 2017 Family First NZ says that the latest research on ‘baby blues’ and its effect on men as well as women endorses their call for paid parental leave for fathers of two weeks rising to four…