Month: February 2017

Call For Inquiry On Public Health Harms of Pornography

GIRL_Pornography Inquiry_600 x 400 nz

Media Release 9 February 2017 Family First NZ has launched a petition calling on politicians to investigate the public health effects and societal harms of pornography. The petition states: “That an expert panel be appointed to investigate the public health effects…


Obese kids spend too much time in front of a screen

obesity cartoon

Stuff 7 February 2017 Family First Comment: Wow! Who would have thought it??! (sarcasm) Perhaps we should ban technology rather than sugar. Kiwi kids with weight issues spend more than double the recommended time in front of a screen,…


Govt Must Be Cautious Of ‘Smokescreen’ Around Medicinal Marijuana

marijuana medicinal

Media Release 8 February 2017 Family First NZ says that the government must take a cautious approach based on extensive research and appropriate safeguards around medicinal marijuana, but also should be very concerned about the real agenda behind liberalising drug…


Teens turn to marijuana to self-medicate for stress, anxiety: report

MARIJUANA Teen smoking

Global News 5 February 2017 Family First Comment: “Cannabis is often regarded as an “innocuous” drug, a 2001 report in the British Journal of Psychiatry notes. However, evidence shows it carries dependency risks and other adverse effects, “particularly among people…


Row over refusal to wed gays

marriage - Barrie Baker

NZ Herald 3 January 2017 Family First Comment: Apparently it’s ok to refuse to offer your services at a Donald Trump inauguration or event, but not at a same-sex wedding #gofigure #toleranceoftheleft A retired pastor has been barred as a…


Do It Or Else! Marriage Celebrants Rejected For Personal Beliefs

marriage park wedding vows

Media Release 3 February 2017 Family First NZ says that people applying to be marriage celebrants are having their applications rejected if they do not want to officiate at same-sex ‘weddings’ due to their personal beliefs or convictions, despite assurances…