Month: March 2017

Rosemary McLeod: I don’t want to be intimate with strangers

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Stuff 2 March 2017 Family First Comment: A balanced commentary on #AskMeFirst from someone who has thought the whole issue through.  OPINION: The dunny drama of 2017 was a happy moment for liberal-minded people to puff out their chests, preen,…


CASES: What can happen when toilets are based on identity rather than biology

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Family Research Council Issue Brief February 2017 Family First Comment: This is the key point… “This has led to concerns that such policies—particularly insofar as they permit biological males to use facilities designated for women or girls—could threaten the privacy…


Toilets are based on biology, not ‘identity’ – Rachel McKenzie

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NZ Herald 1 Mar 2017 – RACHEL MCKENZIE: Shhh, I’m not sure you’ve heard, and definitely don’t tell anyone, but there are biological differences between males and females. It seems crazy but this week we’ve been talking toilets (Lizzie Marvelly:…


TV Ad: What is Planned Parenthood really about?

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Friday, Feb. 24, 2017 Susan B. Anthony List began airing an ad exposing what Planned Parenthood is really about VO: What is Planned Parenthood really about? Breast cancer screenings? Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood President: “We do not have mammogram machines…


Droves of Canadian doctors opt out of euthanasia

canada 2 27 February 2017 Family First Comment: Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said doctors withdrawing from the assisted suicide program is no surprise. “It’s counter-intuitive to the human person to kill someone,” he said. “What I predict…


Maurice O’Brien: Record increase of Meth interceptions

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NewsTalk ZB 28 February 2017 Family First Comment: Always the common links… “MDMA, cannabis and LSD were among the most common things nabbed.” Border staff nabbed 20 times more meth last year than they did just a few years earlier.…


Job ad: No co-habiting couples need apply

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Backlash over job ad ruling out de facto couples Stuff 28 February 2017 Family First Comment: Brilliant! “They’ll be living in a house on my property and setting an example for my daughters. I think marriage has been downgraded…