Month: April 2017

Porirua City Council votes to keep shops closed on Easter Sunday

easter 2017 keep the easter culture

Stuff 6 April 2017 Family First Comment:”Porirua Deputy Mayor Izzy Ford said it was “awesome” to see the council vote support the majority of the public, who did not want shops to open.” Yep – awesome! #keeptheEasterculture Porirua’s tills…


Christchurch residents fed up with sex workers on the streets

prostitute 2

NZ Herald 6 April 2017 Family First Comment: You have to feel sorry for the poor families living in this area. And anger towards a flawed law which the politicians refuse to admit needs fixing. Disgruntled Christchurch residents are desperate…


Family First’s PornInquiry on WTV

porn inquiry WTV

China TV Network 4 April 2017 National Director Bob McCoskrie is interviewed about the Porn Inquiry petition to be presented to Parliament in April.


NZ doesn’t want ‘marijuana industry’ – English

applause sign

NewsHub 3 April 2017 Family First Comment: There’s already a “compassionate” and legal route for patients to get cannabis products – if they need them. “The minister’s just changed the rules so that’s a little bit easier, with the Ministry…


Gay Loneliness

Young Man Sitting on Bed

HighLine – The Huffington Post 2 March 2017 Family First Comment: This is a fascinating read – by a gay man. The argument pushed by the media and political elite is that all the adversity and negative social statistics and…


Good for Mike Pence wanting to protect his marriage

mike pence & wife

National Review 30 March 2017 Family First Comment: The media and the left are in an uproar because the Vice President made a decision years ago never to place himself in a compromising situation or place of temptation in order…


Stoned learner driver who killed motorist is jailed

marijuana stoned driving

NZ Herald 31 March 2017 Family First Comment: When they try and tell you that cannabis is just a mellow substance that never harmed or killed anyone, remind them of this tragedy – just one of many. #saynopetodope A learner…


Abortion: A tragic response to lack of choice

depressed woman

Stuff 31 March 2017 Family First Comment: An excellent Op-Ed “For all the talk from the Greens, Labour and whoever else decides to throw their hat in, what will full liberalisation look like? Will our laws demand that abortions…