Month: May 2017

Legal Advice on PPTA ‘Guidelines’ Sent To Every School

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31 May 2017 Attention: Every Chairperson / Every Principal Every School Email address Dear Principal / Chairperson LEGAL OPINION – PPTA Guidelines On ‘Gender Identity’ & Policies On Toilets, Changing Rooms And Sports Teams With the release of the PPTA…


Teenage pregnancies decline as funding for sex education is cut

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The Times 30 May 2017 Family First Comment: “(The) evidence suggests that when the government involves itself in teenagers’ sex lives it often winds up achieving the opposite of what was intended.” Yep. That’s what our “R18” report said also…


Eight screen rules all parents should adopt – U.K. Expert

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Daily Mail 25 May 2017 Family First Comment: Some excellent common-sense advice here… Parenting expert Katharine Hill, UK director of the charity Care For The Family, is releasing a book that offers advice to mums and dads anxious to ensure…


Less Sex Ed Actually Has Best Outcomes – UK Study

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Media Release 31 May 2017 Family First NZ is welcoming a UK study which found that teenage pregnancy rates have been reduced because of government cuts to spending on sex education and birth control for young women, and that the…


Euthanasia and assisted suicide continue to be defeated

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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 29 May 2017 Family First Comment: Great news. In 2017 alone, assisted suicide bills have been stopped or defeated in Maine, Tasmania, Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Maryland while in several other states, assisted suicide…


It’s not pain but ‘existential distress’ that leads people to assisted suicide, study suggests

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The Washington Post 26 May 2017 Family First Comment: Interesting findings – and debunks claims that euthanasia is required because of physical pain.. “Their quality of life is not what they want. They are mostly educated and affluent — people…


Teachers’ union proposes gender-neutral school uniforms, toilets and changing rooms

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NZ Herald 29 May 2017 Schools are being urged to offer “gender-neutral” uniform, toilet and changing room options under new guidelines from the secondary teachers’ union. The union, the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA), says both boys and girls should…


App to protect children from porn

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Hawkes Bay Today 28 May 2017 Family First Comment: Family First endorses SafeSurfer 😊 “Two Kiwi dads, Rory Birkbeck and Aaron Sinclair, designed Safe Surfer, an application which blocks harmful websites and enforces safe search options on Google and YouTube…


Expert backs MP’s call for rewrite of drug laws

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NewsHub 29 May 2017 Family First Comment: Are we missing something here?? “United Future Leader Peter Dunne wants drugs like cannabis to be legalised, saying this might actually help cut down the nation’s use.” So an illegal substance becomes legal…


PPTA Pushes Exclusive & Confusing A-Gender

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Media Release 29 May 2017 Family First NZ says that new guidelines being pushed by the PPTA in schools are not inclusive, they are exclusive, and most schools will continue with business as usual focusing on bullying and mental health…