Month: May 2017

New study finally supports cannabidiol for seizures

marijuana - cannabidiol

NewsHub 25 May 2017 Family First Comment: Decent research. Positive results. Warning of side-effects. This is the way the issue of medicinal marijuana should be approached – rather than anecdotal evidence and the lobbying of the media, NORML and the…


Most women want lower abortion limit, poll finds (UK)

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My Christian Daily 25 May 2017 Family First Comment: Interesting results from a poll in the UK. “According to the poll, only one per cent of respondents support the abortion limit being raised to birth – something being pushed for…


Global Drug Survey 2017: Legal status of dope reduces harm

MARIJUANA brain on drugs 24 May 2017 Nearly 3800 New Zealanders were among the 115,523 people worldwide who took part in the Global Drug Survey 2017. The results of this year’s survey are announced today. The average age of Kiwi respondents was 42,…


Ten reasons marriage is good for your health

marriage church wedding

NZ Herald 23 May 2017 Family First Comment: We already knew all of this – but the NZ Herald has finally caught up. Notice the heading is not “Cohabitation is good for your health”! 😊 1. You will live a…


Do suicides increase where euthanasia is legal?

euthanasia - suicide note

MercatorNet 22 May 2017 Dutch Professor Dr Theo Boer, a former member of one of Holland’s five Euthanasia Regional Review Committees (2005-2014) has undertaken a study which will be published shortly which, in his words, shows the assumption that euthanasia…


Venue ends ban on same-sex weddings despite beliefs of founder


Luxury venue Stoneridge Estate ends ban on same-sex weddings in on-site chapel Stuff 20 May 2017 Family First Comment: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this venue was starting to be put under pressure……