Month: June 2017

Catherine Byrne: Palliative care a kindly end-of-life right

euthanasia - care not killing

NZ Herald 24 June 2017 Family First Comment: From a palliative care specialist who knows… “All the genuine and compassionate reasons people have for being in favour of euthanasia can be met by good palliative care and that removes the…


Seymour’s Bill called ‘political stunt’

Labour Party Logo 1

Otago Daily Times 23 June 2017 Family First Comment: Labour MP gets it right! Dunedin North MP David Clark has labelled David Seymour’s  voluntary euthanasia Bill  a “political stunt” and will vote against it. He said he also had ethical…


US Study: Legal Pot Linked to Increase in Auto Collisions

Marijuana - drug tests

US News 22 June 2017 Family First Comment: Do we really want dopey drivers? “We’re concerned about impaired driving in general. Marijuana just layers on top of other impairments like alcohol.” Car crash claims are on the rise in…


Oregon State University researchers find more college students using marijuana since legalization

marijuana - stoned

The Register-Guard 15 June 2017 Family First Comment: No surprises in this research!! “Researchers also found that more students at the Oregon university under age 21 are using marijuana than students over age 21, Kerr said. The legal age to…


Canada’s Assisted Dying law – one year later.

Canadian Flag

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 20 June 2017 Family First Comment: An excellent analysis – and warning – on what’s happened in Canada after 12 months of assisted suicide. On June 17, 2016; Canada’s Senate passed euthanasia bill (C-14) in time for…


Shared Parenting After Divorce Gains New Attention

shared parenting 23 February 2017 Family First Comment: “In 2014, a team led by psychologist Richard Warshak of 110 world experts endorsed a paper, which said, “A meta-analysis of 33 studies reported better emotional, behavioral, and academic functioning for children in…


Involved Dads Save Daughters from Risky Behavior

father daughter

Christian Headlines 16 June 2017 Family First Comment: “The authors note it was the quality of dad’s time in the home that made the biggest impact. When his influence and presence was positive, the older daughter—who spent more time with…