Month: July 2017

Parents, Beware of Teen Vogue’s Sex Advice for Your Kids


The Christian Post 18 July 2017 Family First Comment: “To all concerned parents, please heed this warning: in our current pornified culture of anything goes, don’t assume that popular magazines or websites are safe. In fact, it’s better to assume…


Families group concerned about the increase in screen time at school

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NZ Education HQ 30 June 2017 With the New Zealand Government looking to shift education into a digitally-oriented system, there is concern from the community over the amount of screen time students will be exposed to. Education minister Nikki Kaye…


10 Reasons Barack Obama Was America’s Worst President

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Charisma News 17 July 2017 Family First Comment: Incredible that they were able to limit it to just 10 – but these are the obvious ones!! 1.He presented himself as an authentic Christian, yet his life revealed a counterfeit convert,…


‘You become lazy’ – Say Nope

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‘You become lazy’ – uni student who started smoking cannabis at 12 says quitting gave him clarity TVNZ One News 18 July 2017 Family First Comment: Interesting comment that addiction services will struggle with increase if dope laws are liberalised.…


UK to introduce porn ID checks by April 2018

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NZ Herald 18 July 2017 The UK government will introduce compulsory identification checks by April next year to ensure those viewing pornography online are over age 18. UK Digital Minister Matt Hancock signed the commencement of the Digital Economy Act…


New poll shows Kiwis divided over whether to decriminalise cannabis

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TVNZ One News 17 July 2017 Family First Comment: NZers finally saying nope to dope 🙂 The latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll shows New Zealanders appear to be almost equally divided over decriminalising cannabis. The Drug Foundation has…


Transgender regret in NZ: From girl to boy and back again

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From girl to boy and back again, Zahra Cooper shares her journey: ‘Everyone is different’ NZ Herald 29 April 2017 Family First Comment: This is a fascinating read – and backs up the legitimate claims that changing your biological sex…