Month: July 2017

Smacking grandparents case: Magistrate berates department who tried to remove nine-year-old boy

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Daily Telegraph 29 July 2017 Family First Comment: Common sense still exists – in Australia! “In a case that pitted common sense against political correctness, Children’s Court magistrate Tracy Sheedy said the grandparents had done nothing wrong. But she was…


Sue Reid – The Lessons Charlie Came To Teach Us…

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SUE REID – Sue is a spokesperson for Family First NZ on parenting and family issues, and is also a Board Member. The short and limited life of Charlie Gard will remain in our hearts and minds for a time…


Transgender Suicides: What to Do About Them

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Public Discourse 27 July 2017 Family First Comment: Excellent commentary…. “I have personally experienced gender dysphoria, and I explored transition in my early twenties. I am aware of the emotional struggle, but I am also aware of the empowering realization…


Top Pediatrician Reveal Dangers of Transgender Ideology

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Fox News 26 July 2017 TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Michelle Cretella is the president of the American College of Pediatricians. She just wrote a piece in which she says, we’re quoting now, “Transgender ideology has infiltrated my field and produced large…


Call for children’s ministry watchdog as complaints rise

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Radio NZ News 26 July 2017 Family First Comment: We’ve been calling for this for years!! The number of complaints against the Ministry for Vulnerable Children has doubled over four years, with a third being upheld. Figures released under the…


Students lost access to dope – grades improved (Netherland)

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These college students lost access to legal pot — and started getting better grades Washington Post 25 July 2017 Family First Comment: No we didn’t need research to say the obvious – but this is solid research to remove any…